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Official Final Fantasy XIII International version trailer

The International version for Final Fantasy XIII is set for release on March 09, 2010, several months after the original japanese release. The official trailer below shows the reason for the delay. Square-Enix took it’s sweet time to do localization properly and apply it to the video (not just the sounds.. or voices). No more lip-synching 😀

You can see the video after the jump.

Of course like games before it that went through localization, some of the experience/story gets lost in the translation. This is specially true in games that include jokes/puns in Japanese that doesn’t have it’s humor translated to English (or whatever language it’s getting localized for) so I’m looking forward to playing the International version then the Japanese version (my japanese isn’t that good but I hope that playing the International version will give me enough familiarity with the game’s system :D).

As for the game itself, Final Fantasy XIII has been receiving much flack for it’s linearity but I think it’s an unfair rating, considering that it’s a JRPG and not a western “sandboxed” RPG with the promise of an open world. In those games, you’re playing as YOU as the hero. Final Fantsy XIII is meant to be played as Lightning from your point of view. And since this is a post about a Final Fantasy game, let’s not forget the rabid fanboys that’ll bring up the old “but Final Fantasy 7 is better” routine. Meh. It’s a game and it’s appeal to you depends highly on your preferences but I guess it’s more fun to compare apples and oranges :D.

In any case, I’ll be waiting for the XIII with my brand new HDTV. Will be posting pictures of my current gaming setup once I’ve set up the furniture (which is proving harder to procure than the consoles themselves :().

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