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Playstation Phone confirmed

Sony Ericsson head Peter Anhegard, has confirmed the coming of a Playstation-branded gaming handset. Although a date is still to be set, Christmas he said although he didn’t specify which, rumors of features

Top Firefox Extensions

There are hundreds of useful (and most of the time not) Firefox extensions to improve your browsing experience as well as bog down the browser’s performance. I choose 4 out of the

Stages of Software Development

Software development is a complicated process that requires careful planning and execution. Huge projects like games, operating systems and full fledge applications takes months if not years to develop. The reason why most of

Global WGA outtage

Microsoft users are experiencing problems with Windows Genuine Advantage with XP and Vista users unable to validate their installations. If you look now at the WGA support forum, you?ll see a flood

Seagate goes SSD

Seagate Technology LLC plans to add solid-state drives based on flash memory chips to its lineup of storage products sometime in 2008, the company said Thursday ? IDG News Service “We have solid-state drives on

Microsoft’s SideWinder Mouse

I’ve been using an A4Tech 3XFire mouse for about 2 years or so, give or take a few weeks and I’ve never thought I’d consider replacing it because it’s given me the features any

Suprnova is back

To those who have been familiar torrents starting for quite a while, the name Suprnova (and that’s not a typo) is no stranger. Many consider it the most popular BitTorrent search engine.

AMD’s new 6400+ Black Edition

Good news for AMD fans: The company has officially released their new Atlhon 64 X2 6400+ for the high-end category. The since rumored chip came at a surprise since official AMD roadmaps

Tilera launches 64-core processor

Here’s some news to wet those tech savvy appetites. A new company, Tilera has introduced the a new processor for the server line called Tile64 a with a 10K tray priced at $435 per chip.

6 ways to become famous

6 ways to become famous

Everyone wants to be famous (or at least infamous). Admit it, you know you love the attention. But the problem is how to get it. If you’re just starting off on your road to

Portable Applications

I think its safe to say that when browsing the net away from home, we always want to use the software that we’ve grown used to. Say Firefox for browsing, Thunderbird for emails,

Fingerprint of the Gods: Book Review

Fingerprint of the Gods: Book Review

“Evidence of Earth’s Lost Civilization” It was a catch-phrase that simply piqued my curiosity, and pulled me from taking a quick look at the shelf with the tag Best Seller hanging above it. I


What happens when Japanese culture and Filipino culture collide? FIND OUT AT: Dream2Reality Production?s OTAKU FIESTA 2K7 ?The FUSION of Japan?s Matsuuri and Philippine?s Pistahan? September 1, 2007 Kapitan Moy [J.P Rizal, Sta.Elena, Marikina City] (near Teatro Marikina, beside OTTO

Living with 2 OS’s

I was introduced to Linux during my 2nd year in college, about the time I started my part time job at a small hosting company. We had 6 servers running Red Hat and

Rush Hour 3: Movie Review

Rush Hour 3: Movie Review

I seem to be having some problem with my host since when I got home, I couldn’t access both Atma Xplorer’s root page as well as my host’s cp. I’ve sent a support

Streamline your blog to earn cash

Read this if you have a blog and want to squeeze more out of it. If you’re still new to the blogging community start off with this guide from Supernoobice. 1. Search Engine Optimization: Titles and URLS: The

5 reasons to avoid call centers for help

I’ve always been appalled by the call center system because non-technical people are supposed to filter and sort through our concerns so that the technical people, those in-charge of repair, maintenance, etc, won’t waste

Technorati Favorites Exchange

Technorati Favorites Exchange

Site promotion can be a pain sometimes and it’s one task that newbies to blogging like me find hard as hell to get good at. Luckily there’s quite a few people who want

AVG detects Adaware 2007 as a threat?

And I thought seeing MS Anti Spy saying Firefox was a threat was weird. I’ll try downloading from Lavasoft’s site and try again but I doubt there will be any difference. Click the images to

Tips to awaken your creative spark

Whether you?re a writer, a digital artist, a web designer, a programmer or any other professional that requires creative thinking, there comes a time when you get a sort of mental block?sometimes called a

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