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Tilera launches 64-core processor

Here’s some news to wet those tech savvy appetites.

A new company, Tilera has introduced the a new processor for the server line called Tile64 a with a 10K tray priced at $435 per chip. Why Tile64? It’s not because it uses 64-bit technology but rather it’s an embedded processor with the unusual feature of having 64 cores. If memory serves me correct, the largest number of cores in the market is the 8-core Mac. What’s nice about this piece of hot technology is that each of it’s core has its own switch and memory, and can thus share data with four neighboring cores. It’s kinda like the feature AMD proposed when they announced their 4×4 architecture a few months back. The memory is divided into two 8KB L1 caches and one 64KB L2, with L3 being simulated as necessary up to 5MB.

The RISC based chip of the Tile64 has a clock between 600MHz and 1GHz. Although they still have to release benchmark comparisons, Tilera claims it to be 10 times faster than Intel’s embedded dual-core Xeon processor. In terms of efficiency, in terms of performance-per-watt, it is rated at as much as 30 times better making it a tough competitor for those energy-efficient Athon MP processors.

With that much promise from the specs of the server line, it keeps us wondering how the desktop version will go.



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