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I think its safe to say that when browsing the net away from home, we always want to use the software that we’ve grown used to. Say Firefox for browsing, Thunderbird for emails, Pidgin for IMs, because we’ve had our programs at home tweaked just the way we like. More often that not, what’s available to us offers the default configuration and little of the customization that we’d prefer (as is the case when one visits an internet cafe).

Instead of lugging bundles of installers, why not bring along portable versions on your flash disk? This is where PortableApps enter the scene. They provide convenient and lightweight versions of the popular open source programs. And they provide them totally free.

All you need to do is drop them to your flash drive/ipod/portable hard drive, configure and you’re good to go. They’ll work on any windows computer

Here’s a list of what PortableApps Suite has in store:




Graphics & Pictures


Music & Video


Operating Systems


The Application Compatibility page gives a quick rundown of what applications work on what operating systems.


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