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AMD’s new 6400+ Black Edition

Good news for AMD fans: The company has officially released their new Atlhon 64 X2 6400+ for the high-end category. The since rumored chip came at a surprise since official AMD roadmaps clearly stated that the 6000+ was the last member of the X2 line before the arrival of Phenom. At 3.2GHz the 6400+ Black Edition is meant to compete with Intel’s E6750 and E6850 series. Although it’s still built on 90nm technology, the chip comes with 2.0GHz HyperTransport link, 2MB L2 cache (1 MB per core) and 125 TDP.

AMD intends the chip as a buffer to bolster their current high-end line with the 6400+. The longer they delay though, more competition enters the fray like Tilera’s Tile 64 chip.


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