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Tips to awaken your creative spark

Whether you?re a writer, a digital artist, a web designer, a programmer or any other professional that requires creative thinking, there comes a time when you get a sort of mental block?sometimes called a writer?s block?and all you come up with is blank, unintuitive thoughts.

Here?s a few tips to get your brain back into gear:

1. Get sugar in your system
Although most people recommend drinks with caffeine, I suggest taking in anything sugar coated. Yes, caffeine stimulates the body ?insert caffeine facts here? but in my experience, it?s boost lasts generally from 2 hours to roughly 20 minutes. When it wears off you?re bound to take in seconds and repeat until needed. And we all know that too much of something is bad for your health. The beauty of sugar or, sweets in general is, that all you need is a small amount at a time to give your brain a jumpstart. If you?re worried about calories then you can always use sugar alternatives.

2. Move around
If your room is as boring as mine, chances are your inspiration will wane the moment you take a break from what you?re doing. Move somewhere you?ll be at ease and inspired like a quiet park, a scenic view or even just somewhere very familiar. If you?re at ease it?s much easier to think stuff up.

3. Listen to music
It?s a given to help induce your creativity but sometimes the wrong type of music can lead to loss of concentration. I?ve found that the best genre to listen to is something slow and soft. The gentle pace and rhythm can help with the flow of your creative thinking.

4. Look up on relevant stuff
When creating a formal work like a paper or a report, searching for information that?s both relevant to your work and interesting to you can help. Although it sounds contradictory, bear in mind that so long as what you?re working on interests your concentration lasts much longer.

5. Always seek C&C
While most people hate being criticized, especially those with egos the size of of skyscrapers, it?s the best way to find out flaws and kinks in your work. This works well especially to writers because the best proof-reader isn?t yourself.

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