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PSN accounts become ‘Sony Entertainment Network accounts’ next week

For some reason, Sony will now be calling the accounts you use on PSN, AKA your PlayStation Network account will be renamed to a Sony Entertainment Network account or a “SEN account” starting next

Vita games will be cheaper via PS Store

A Sony representative has confirmed the discount that digital copies of Vita games sold via the PS Store will be cheaper than their cartridge-based counterparts. The exact quote is as follows: “I can confirm

New PlayStation Vita bundle includes memory card

Things are prepping up quite nicely for people who opted to wait for the international release of the PlayStation Vita as Sony has a new hardware bundle for the patient. Available via Amazon the PlayStation

Sony finds 3DS sales encouraging

While the Vita has had less than stellar sales after launching, Sony maintains a positive outlook thanks to the sales of it’s competitor, the Nintendo 3DS. SCEE president and CEO Jim Ryan says that “One of

[Head to Head] PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS

The next generation of portable consoles is finally here  and we’re going to pit them against each other so you can decide for yourself which system you’ll be investing in or at least upgrading

PlayStation Vita Third Week Japanese sales drop to 42,000

It looks like the hype from the PlayStation Vita‘s launch has dimmed down while the Nintendo 3DS continues to reign on top.  Either Sony’s marketing team is still on vacation or the launch of

Rumor: Monster Hunter for PS Vita set for 2012 release

Monster Hunter fans who have been waiting on Capcom to release the english version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd may not want to hear this upcoming news bit. According to the latest issue

Sega Genesis running on the PlayStation Vita via HBL

Aside from his earlier video which featured Doom running on the Vita to demo the Homebrew Loader, Wololo has another one in store, this time a video of a Sega Genesis emulator called the

Wololo confirms public release of Vita HBL

Woot! Give Wololo and the HBL devs a beer. Homebrew Loader is finally up and running for the Vita and here is a video of Doom running over HBL on Wololo’s PlayStation

See why PSP games are better on the Vita

Dale of Destructiod has posted a video of him playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the Vita. Why bother playing Peace Walker on the new console? The second analog stick

Rumor: Gundam Seed Battle Destiny headed to PlayStation Vita

Fresh from the rumor mill, it seems that Vita owners and Gundam fans will have something to look forward. Artdink, the same studio behind the Mobile Suit Gundam Vs franchise on the PSP

Sega Teases New Hatsune Miku Game

With Diva Extend doing well in the market and Project Mirai set to dominate 3DS sales, Sega is teasing a new Hatsune Miku game for 2012. The teaser trailer can be seen above featuring

HBL for PS Vita in the works

Looks like 3rd party development for the Vita will start a lot earlier than expected as Teck4 and Wololo have found and confirmed a working game save exploit for the recently released console. What

Sony announces US PlayStation Vita Launch Lineup

If you’re already pondering on getting a Vita and are contemplating on importing a Japanese unit, Sony’s recent announcement may just give you pause as the company lays out it’s official software plan for

A peek inside the PlayStation Vita

With the PlayStation Vita officially launched in Japan, we finally get to see the new console’s innards thanks to Pocket

PlayStation Vita launches in Japan

Today marks a special day for Sony as the PlayStation Vita officially launches in

Final Fantasy Type-0 confirmed for International release, Vita-compatible

In an interview with director Hajima Tabata that was included in Square Enix’s Ultimania guide for Final Fantasy Type-0, Tabata has officially confirmed that the Type-0 team is now working on the international version

PS Vita will support multiple PSN accounts

When news leaked out that the PS Vita will be tied to just one PSN account, there was a huge uproar amongst gamers as it was effectively a region lock that will prevent you

Sony defends PS Vita memory card pricing

Sony defends PS Vita memory card pricing

When Sony officially unveiled the PS Vita‘s price, the console undoubtably gained a lot of potential buyers. At $249 for the WiFi version and $399 for the 3G version, the console’s release price

PlayStation 3 4.00 Firmware update now available

A new mandatory update for the PS3 has just popped up. Below is the official changelog from The Official PlayStation Blog: PlayStation Plus members can now choose to enable or disable each automatic update feature Game patches System

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