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PSN accounts become ‘Sony Entertainment Network accounts’ next week

For some reason, Sony will now be calling the accounts you use on PSN, AKA your PlayStation Network account will be renamed to a Sony Entertainment Network account or a “SEN account” starting next week when updates for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita rolls out.

The reason behind the change? Sony had no comment on that but assured users that current PSN users will not be affected except for the name change, stressing:

“For general purposes, this account change is a change in name only. Your username or password will not change, nor are we asking you to change them.”

“This transition is based on Sony’s goal to enhance its unique digital entertainment offering. As a series of these activities Sony started last September, PlayStation Network will be aligned with Sony Entertainment Network. This helps us get closer to our goal of establishing a global comprehensive network platform of services across games, movies, music and more, all accessible from one convenient account.

As a current PSN user, I don’t really see the point for the change. Sure, the PlayStation Network is part of Sony’s Computer Entertainment’s portfolio but what gives? :/ At least when using the term PSN user, you know what the hell you are a user of, when using the new term, you’ll probably get O_O stares.


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