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Wololo confirms public release of Vita HBL

Woot! Give Wololo and the HBL devs a beer.

Homebrew Loader is finally up and running for the Vita and here is a video of Doom running over HBL on Wololo’s PlayStation Vita:

We are aware that this hack will be easily patched by Sony, but we still plan to publicly release it some time soon after the US/EU release of the Vita (we still have to port HBL to the EU/US versions of the game but that shouldn’t have any difficulty). I also know that some devs are already working on solutions to make it “easier” for people who would want to stay on a low firmware. I wouldn’t be surprised to see unofficial patches to the CMA, to prevent it from connecting to the net

HBL runs on an exploit via the console’s PSP emulator. For some reason though, the Vita doesn’t run PSP demoes so the exploit needs a full PSP game to run (i.e. buy it). This presents a couple of problems:

  • Sony can easily patch the exploit by updating the game or removing it from PSN
  • The Vita’s Content Manager Assistant will not work (by default) if your Vita isn’t updated to the lastest firmware release and it does so by checking with Sony’s servers over the internet.
The first problem is easy enough to remedy… get the game as soon as the exploit is revealed (no way around it, yet).  The latter will be a bit more involved as you’ll either need to wait for unofficial patch to prevent CMA from checking for updates or use a computer that isn’t connected to the internet.
Do note however, that having HBL up and running does not mean that you can run dumped PlayStation Portable and/or PlayStation Vita games as this requires special access to the kernel, something that HBL doesn’t run on.
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