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Final Fantasy Type-0 confirmed for International release, Vita-compatible

In an interview with director Hajima Tabata that was included in Square Enix’s Ultimania guide for Final Fantasy Type-0, Tabata has officially confirmed that the Type-0 team is now working on the international version of their game.

Cue the confetti and celebratory bro-fists.

Tabata’s interview is the first confirmation of the North American, European and Australian release of Type-0. Square-Enix has not yet commented on the issue nor is there a finite timeline for the game’s international release so we’ll just have to look back on the past SE titles that have made it outside Japan:

  • Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy – both versions released in the same month
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 – the international release was one month behind the Japanese release
  • The 3rd Birthday – the international release was three months behind the Japanese release

For fans waiting on the international release and haven’t jumped on the Japanese copy of the game (no region-lock FTW), here’s a gameplay video of what to expect:

At a recent consumer event, Tabata said that gamers who will purchase Type-0 digitally (or those who’ll get the UMD and use the UMD Passport System to obtain a discounted digital copy) for the Vita will be pleased to know that the game allow for additional camera control with the Vita’s right analogue stick. He also confirmed that the game’s online gameplay would be fully functional on Vita, and that it looks ‘very pretty’ on the new system. The question now I guess is that will the game get a graphically updated version made specifically for the Vita?

Source: Andriasang, CVG

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