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See why PSP games are better on the Vita

Dale of Destructiod has posted a video of him playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on the Vita. Why bother playing Peace Walker on the new console? The second analog stick for one and a few more features which you can see in the video.

Unlike the PlayStation Portable, the Vita includes a second analog stick (and more importantly, it works and feels like real analog controls instead of the nubs on the PSP) and it makes a world of difference in several games. If you missed it on the video, Sony has given you the ability of mapping the right analog stick to a number of options. Imagine playing Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and using the right analog stick for the camera :).

Aside from the additional controls, you also have Bilinear Filtering which cleans up the images making them look better on the Vita’s OLED screen, options for the camera for games that support it as well as the color space options for those who are tacky with what’s displayed on screen.

if you want to see how the second analog works for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd:

The Vita is set to launch internationally on February 22.

source Desctructoid

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