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Sega Teases New Hatsune Miku Game

With Diva Extend doing well in the market and Project Mirai set to dominate 3DS sales, Sega is teasing a new Hatsune Miku game for 2012.

The teaser trailer can be seen above featuring the song Cat Food from doriko.

According to Andrisang, Hatsune Miku series PR person Nakanohito 1go has announced via twitter than the project’s internal code name is “Project MMT.” I’m hoping it’s a PS Vita title as Sega will surely want to target the new console (and then in all likelyhood release a Dreamy Theater title for it on the PS3 as well).

We’ll keep you posted as more information filters in. In the meantime, you can view some teaser shots embedded below:

via Andriasang, source Miku microsite

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