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The Best Blackjack Game For Your Xbox 360

There’s no better way to learn how to play blackjack than to fire up your trusty home gaming console and play blackjack against AI opponents or get some friendly competition with family and friends.

Rune Factory 4 farming tutorial video

XSeed has started to release a series of video tutorials for the upcoming Rune Factory 4. Each video explains various aspects of the game, the first of which has to do with Farming

Nintendo 3DS Firmware 6.1.0-11U update now available

A new firmware update has been released for the  Nintendo 3DS. Version 6.1.0-11U available via wireless Internet connection includes the following improvements: Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance

Konami showcases english trailer for Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

A new trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection runs through the 25 years of history of the franchise. The HD Collection will include all games that were released in the PlayStation

Atlus’ parent company Index files for bankcruptcy

Persona, Catherine and Shin Megami Tensei fans have a bit of reason to worry as despite their favourite titles doing well in Japan and in the international scene, as Atlus’ parent company is in

Microsoft: no more charges for Xbox patches

According to Eurogamer and it’s sources, Microsoft is no longer asking for fees for developer patches for games on their Xbox platform. Implemented early in the life of XBL and the Xbox 360, the fees

Monster Hunter 4 brings back Teostra, Gravios and more

This week’s of Famitsu throws a few interesting details on the upcoming release of Monster Hunter 4. The game will be home to a new map called Volcanic Cavern alongside the comeback of several monsters in

Sony fixes non-booting PS3s with 4.46 OFW update

If you were affected by Sony’s 4.45 OFW firmware upgrade,  Sony has released instructions on how to revive your PlayStation 3.  All you need is a a USB memory stick with at least 168MB of

Sony puts indie games in the spotlight with dedicated PS Vita channel

Sony is looking to put more attention on indie games on it’s PlayStation platform as it has officially launched a dedicated channel for the PlayStation Vita — a month after the same channel was

Gumi joins Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 cast

Gumi of the Megpoid software be be joining the Miku, Luka and the rest of the gang in Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2. To celebrate the announcement, Sega is teasing a new trailer featuring

Nintendo fans call for Region-Free 3DS And Wii U

One of the main draws of the PlayStation platform for many gamers is the ability to play games that isn’t available in your region i.e. playing Japanese games you imported on your US-regioned PlayStation

Gran Turismo 6 pre-order bonuses, Anniversary Edition detailed

The next installment of the Gran Turismo series is set to hit the PlayStation 3 this holiday season.  Polyphony has announced that aside from the standard copy of the game, Gran Turismo 6 will also

Square Enix details Final Fantasy XV main characters

Square Enix has officially (in English at least, the Japanese introduction has been out for quite some time now) released a few details on the five main characters of Final Fantasy

Sony releasing fix for soft-bricked PlayStation 3 this week

Update 4.45 OFW for the PlayStation 3 was pulled a few hours after release as reports from users rolled in that the new firmware had stuck their gaming consoles in a boot loop. The

Nintendo 3DS Firmware 6.0.0-11U blocks flashcarts

The firmware for the Nintendo 3DS (which proved to be problematic for some), has blocked the first flash cart to come out for the console. Gateway, the company set out to release the

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles debut trailer, screenshots

Namco Bandai has a new set of screenshots and the debut trailer for the upcoming release of the Tales of Symphonia Chronicles HD

Monster Hunter 4 gets Felyne White and Goa Magara themed Nintendo 3DS XL bundles

Japanese Monster Hunter fans get to choose from two limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL hardware bundles for the next installment of the series. Monster Hunter 4 buyers will get a chance to pick up a

Microsoft relaxes Xbox One DRM, region-locking

After complaints made rounds about Microsoft’s tight grip on the Xbox One regarding it’s DRM policy, the company has turned around and drops quite a bit of the mandatory restrictions on it’s upcoming console. The

Nintendo 3DS Firmware 6.0.0-11U update now available

A new firmware for the Nintendo 3DS is now available in all markets. The new firmware version, 6.0.0-11U, includes a save data backup feature for downloaded content, as well as a small improvement in

[PSA] PlayStation 3 firmware 4.45 can cause ribbon-screen of death

Don’t Update Your PS3 Today! The new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 – 4.45 OFW – which is supposed to just includes trophy notification options and improves system stability seems to have an unexpected

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