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[PSA] PlayStation 3 firmware 4.45 can cause ribbon-screen of death

Don’t Update Your PS3 Today!

The new firmware update for the PlayStation 3 – 4.45 OFW – which is supposed to just includes trophy notification options and improves system stability seems to have an unexpected side effect. According to user reports, installing the new update is bricking systems, locking consoles on the boot-up “ribbon” screen AKA stuck-on-boot.

Judging from the number of users reporting in , it’s not an isolated issue. No word if this issue is affecting only certain models of the PlayStation 3 (we currently have 3: the original, the Slim and the Super Slim) so to be on the safe side, don’t install 4.45 as of yet.

If you want to follow the user reports and any developments, you can view the thread here.

PS: if you’re PS Plus subscriber, you might have auto install/update enabled. You might want to turn that off (Settings > System Settings > Automatic Update > Off) until Sony releases a new firmware to fix the issue.

If you already have updated and are experiencing the issue mentioned above, call support.

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