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Atlus’ parent company Index files for bankcruptcy

Persona, Catherine and Shin Megami Tensei fans have a bit of reason to worry as despite their favourite titles doing well in Japan and in the international scene, as Atlus’ parent company is in dire straits.

Index is  entering “civil rehabilitation proceedings” to stave off losses and probably sell off what it can — the equivalent of bankruptcy in other countries in the midst of investigations pertaining to shady business practices.

NeoGAF user Mandoric has a good definition of Japanese Civil Rehabilitation Law.

For anyone wondering at the legitimacy of the news, here’s a few excerpts:

Index will undergo civil rehabilitation proceedings. Yup, they’re going bankrupt and they’re going to be restructured by creditors it looks like. RIP.

Justin Epperson ?@sprsk 7m
Index holdings just announced they are going bankrupt: Maybe there’s a Dragon’s Crown curse?

This news is in light of a new  Etrian Odyssey game releasing today and Shin Megami Tensei IV releasing in a few weeks time.

Here’s to hoping that a good company buys out Atlus and continues it’s stream of releases.

source NeogafKotaku

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