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Atlus starts teasing Persona Q with a bunch of trailers

wwwww Atlus really knows how to play on it’s fans. Here’s a bunch of trailers that they just released for Persona Q Persona 3 Hero Persona 4 Hero Yosuke Hanamura Mitsuru Kirijo Akihiko Sanada Chie Satonaka The 3DS bound Persona title

Atlus parent company Index set to sell off assets

It was just last month that we learned about Atlus’ predicament as it’s parent company Index Corporation is set to file bankruptcy with a debt of 2.45 billion yen amidst fraud investigations for it’s executive officers. According Mad Man’s

Altus confirms brand will carry on, upcoming games still on track

In the wake of it’s parent company going into what western economies call bankruptcy, Atlus reached out to fans via it’s website and Twitter to thank everyone for the concern and to to placate those still

Atlus’ parent company Index files for bankcruptcy

Persona, Catherine and Shin Megami Tensei fans have a bit of reason to worry as despite their favourite titles doing well in Japan and in the international scene, as Atlus’ parent company is in

Atlus releases all new Persona 4: The Golden Trailer

A new trailer of Persona 4 Golden, the Vita-version of the PS2 role-playing game presents a few of the new content that you’ll encounter in the game. Persona 4 Golden hits stores on November

Persona remake for the PSP

Yep it’s another hit from from Altus, or at least another hit from the old PSX console that Altus is bringing back to the

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