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Atlus parent company Index set to sell off assets

It was just last month that we learned about Atlus’ predicament as it’s parent company Index Corporation is set to file bankruptcy with a debt of 2.45 billion yen amidst fraud investigations for it’s executive officers.

According Mad Man’s Cafe and Bloomberg:

 it seems Index will begin selling off its subsidiary operations. Bidding could start as early as next week and finish as quickly as September. As we guessed last month, it seems Index wants to get things done before any of its operations devalue amidst the turmoil — production could be impacted, employees could jump ship, etc. Settlements could reach as high as 15 billion yen, according to experts.

Index will be delisted from the stock market on July 28.

Fortunately, Atlus seems impervious to Index’s financial and administrative troubles as the company sent out a message to it’s fans indicating that , “the development and sales of the Atlus brand as well as the consumer business will continue.”

Due to this imminent sell off, rumors have popped up that Nintendo’s set to purchase of Atlus and bring it under it’s umbrella.  While plausible, there is currently little evidence to support this other both companies are looking to be working together via the collaboration between Atlus and Intelligent Systems with Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

via Mad Man’s CafeBloomberg

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