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Altus confirms brand will carry on, upcoming games still on track

In the wake of it’s parent company going into what western economies call bankruptcy, Atlus reached out to fans via it’s website and Twitter to thank everyone for the concern and to to placate those still

Atlus’ parent company Index files for bankcruptcy

Persona, Catherine and Shin Megami Tensei fans have a bit of reason to worry as despite their favourite titles doing well in Japan and in the international scene, as Atlus’ parent company is in

Catherine brings Altus record launch sales

Just one week after breaking into the international market and Catherine has become Atlus’ biggest launch title to

PSA: Catherine is now available

I just got my copy although it’s not what I expected :/. I reserved the Love is Over Deluxe Edition (you know, the one with Vincent’s boxers?) but for some reason, DataBlitz failed

Altus details Catherine “Love is Over” Deluxe Edition

Judging from today’s update on the upcoming US release of Catherine, Altus really knows it’s market. ^_^ The game will be available in July for both the Xbox 360 adn the PlayStation 3 and will

Catherine gets U.S. release

Woot! Atlus is really awesome 🙂 Catherine has been officially confirmed for US release this summer for PS3 and Xbox 360. Yes, the cat is out of the bag

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