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Microsoft: no more charges for Xbox patches

According to Eurogamer and it’s sources, Microsoft is no longer asking for fees for developer patches for games on their Xbox platform.

Implemented early in the life of XBL and the Xbox 360, the fees were to discourage devs from releasing unfinished or unpolished products. Each game would get one free update and any subsequent patches afterwards could cost the developer tens of thousands of dollars — something that was revealed during an interview with Double Fine’s Tim Schafer, pointing to total fees near $40,000.

Microsoft will also be dropping the repeat charges for games that fail it’s certification process but says that they will reserve the right to charge for “excessive” re-submissions.

This is great news for anyone still interested in pursuing development for the Xbox platform as the only particular hurdle for any indie developer to be able to put their games on XBL is having a publisher.

source EuroGamer

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