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The Best Blackjack Game For Your Xbox 360

There’s no better way to learn how to play blackjack than to fire up your trusty home gaming console and play blackjack against AI opponents or get some friendly competition with family and friends. If you continuously play blackjack free until you have greatly improved your skills, you can then try your hand at online blackjack,  such as those found at or compete with others players online at Xbox Live where the real excitement is waiting!

We searched through the blackjack games available for the Xbox 360 and pitted the top 2 titles against each other to see which of our game reviews will end up on top. There are many similarities, but each game has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

Online blackjack reviews show that the two best blackjack titles for the popular Xbox 360 console are Avatar Deluxe Blackjack and Golden Royal Blackjack, both available for download via the Xbox Live Arcade online store.

Avatar Deluxe Blackjack 240 MS Points

Avatar Deluxe Blackjack is a competent blackjack game that features the player’s Xbox Live avatar in the game. The player can practice their techniques offline, or go online and play with real people (or their avatars, anyway) from around the world.

You can play locally with 1 to 4 players, or play blackjack online with 2 to 7 players. The real potential for the game is realised when playing against friends, and the cheesy sound effects and graphics are soon forgotten when you introduce some real-life competition into the mix.

You can earn 12 in-game prizes that unlock content such as new dealers and backgrounds. These achievements earn you bragging rights when you show each blackjack bonus to other players when you go online.

The voices in the game are a nice touch and add atmosphere, but some of the animation sequences can’t be skipped, such as when each avatar is playing their hand. This is understandable when playing against real people, but it should be an option when playing against the computer.

The asking price is quite low, at just 240 MS points, and you will easily get value for money regardless of your blackjack skill level. It’s nice to play blackjack free and still feel the excitement of winning a hand with a perfect score of 21!

Golden Royal Blackjack 200 MS Points

Golden Royal Blackjack is an Indie title, and available for just 200 MS points. Apart from supporting an indie developer, you also end up with a fun variation on blackjack. Some of the royal cards in the game are golden, and if you get a winning hand with a golden card as one of the first two cards, the game gives you a bonus. It’s fun to try and beat your high score using this game mechanic.

As you earn rewards and progress through the 100 ranks on offer, you can unlock different backgrounds and card styles. This is a simple addition, but provides some motivation to keep playing the game.

Just like Avatar Deluxe Blackjack, you can take Golden Royal Blackjack online to play with real human opponents on the Xbox Live network. The downside is that you can only play with up to 3 real life opponents online, but local play allows up to 4 friends to join in.


Both games were independent releases, coded using the XNA programming suite released by Microsoft to encourage indie games. The good side to this is that both games are very affordable, and you will quickly get value for money even if you just play a few rounds with friends.

Unfortunately, the games lack the polish and impressive graphics that many people expect from modern console games, and this may be a downside for some players. Having said that, both titles deliver an easy to use, intuitive and clean interface, and Avatar Deluxe Blackjack wins extra points for the inclusion of player’s avatars in the game.

Both titles really shine when you introduce other human players. Get some friends around, choose some ‘money’ substitute such as peanuts or candy, and have a blackjack session together.

The winner in this head-to-head battle of Xbox 360 blackjack champions will have to be Avatar Deluxe Blackjack thanks to the better online code, voice effects and inclusion of player avatars in the game.


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