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Sony releasing fix for soft-bricked PlayStation 3 this week

Update 4.45 OFW for the PlayStation 3 was pulled a few hours after release as reports from users rolled in that the new firmware had stuck their gaming consoles in a boot loop. The new firmware was supposed to add trophy notification options and improving system stability.

Sony has since pulled the patch and apologized for any inconvenience the issue may have caused. According to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan’s support group and the PlayStation Europe Twitter account, a new batch of firmware will rectify the calamity on June 27.

Anyone affected by the 4.45 firmware issue should prepare a USB card to store the update file so they can install it on their PlayStation 3’s.  You will be able to restore your PlayStation 3’s by going into Safe mode and installing the patch that Sony will be releasing.

source Gameranx, via SCEJ

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