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HowTo: Play StarCraft II Beta Offline vs AI

So you’ve started watching several Starcraft 2 Beta replays on your PC and you decide that you want in on the action. Unfortunately, you don’t have a BETA key to do that.

Happy 5th Birthday PSP

The PS2 celebrated it’s first decade just a few weeks prior and now we’re celebrating the 5th birthday of it’s portable little brother, the Sony PlayStation Portable. In it’s lifetime, the PSP has

Currently Playing: No More Heroes 1 and 2

I really was hesitant to start playing No More Heroes because of the premise that screenshots and videos of the game seemed a wee bit familiar; it felt like those “do-good-yet-tough-guy-routine” characters from several

HowTo: Watch StarCraft II Beta Replays

Say you’re part of the lot that was unlucky enough to not get picked fro the Starcraft II Closed BETA but want to be able to watch replays.  Do you wait for a Starcraft

PlayStation® Philippines: Official Launch

Sony Philippines, Inc. is holding the very first official PlayStation® Event in the Philippines this coming weekend. Details listed below 😀 Start Time: Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 10:30am End Time: Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep gets US release

Square-Enix of Final Fantasy fame, has recently issued an announcement confirming the US release of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Birth by Sleep is the prequel to the PS2’s original Kingdom Hearts (a gem of

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd confirmed for the PSP

And while we’re all waiting for the US release of Monster Hunter Tri, Capcom decided to make us fans drool even more with a press release confirming the next Monster Hunter PSP game due

Using a Nintendo DS to control a DSLR

And I always thought gaming and photography are different disciplines 😀 A group of ingenious photographer at HDRLabs have created a piece of software called the Open Camera Controller (OCC). OCC works

Installing WiiFlow on your Wii

Having been tired of playing just Guitar Hero, Wii Sports and Mario 64 on our Wii, we decided to softmod our wii to install the Homebrew Channel and a USB loader. The very first

Sony announces PlayStation Move Motion Controller

Sony gets center stage at the Game Developers Conference with their latest controller dubbed the PlayStation Move. For one thing, Sony gets props for it’s guts because this controller looks hauntingly

Six Million Dollar Home Crumpler Bag review

I’ve been in the market for a decent camera bag ever since I got my hands on my Nikon D90. As I already have an awesome Case Logic backpack, I tried searching for

Happy 10th Birthday PlayStation 2

10 years and 140 million units sold (as of October 1, 2009), that’s a small testament to the Sony’s success with the PS2. Can you take a guess at what my first PS2

Valve announces Portal 2!

Portal fans can revive their “cake is a lie” mantra. Valve has formally announced Portal 2 and will be shipping the game will ship in the “coming holiday

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