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Sony announces PlayStation Move Motion Controller

Sony gets center stage at the Game Developers Conference with their latest controller dubbed the PlayStation Move. For one thing, Sony gets props for it’s guts because this controller looks hauntingly familiar.

The PlayStation Move uses a combination of wand-style controlling devices and the PlayStation Eye camera to track movement. Sony Vice President, Peter Dille adds that ”It allows you to immerse yourself into the action with incredible precision, rather than simply playing a game.” Dille also says that the device can recognize both “fast and subtle” movements by working in conjunction with the PlayStation eye. “We’re paving a path from the Wii household to the PS3 household,” he continued. “We’re planning to design games that target all genres and audiences, including core gamers, and we’re treating this like a virtual platform launch. This will be our biggest effort of the year.”

The PlayStation Move looks something like this:

Looks familiar? You bet. Here’s a black wii mote for comparison’s sake:

Now for an actual video of the PlayStation Move:

Sony says the already have 36 companies signed up to produce compatible games. The PlayStation Move itself will be available around Q3 2010 with a price tag at “sub $100.” Takers anyone?

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