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Happy 10th Birthday PlayStation 2

10 years and 140 million units sold (as of October 1, 2009), that’s a small testament to the Sony’s success with the PS2. Can you take a guess at what my first PS2 game is?

No it’s not a Final Fantasy game. My very first PS2 game was Need for Speed Underground. It’s a game where drifting sucked 🙁

By the numbers, the PlayStation 2 is Sony’s most successful console to date. Though it’s sales are currently dwarfed by the Nintendo Wii, you can deny the fact that Sony won THAT generation of the console wars with the PlayStation 2. But you might be wondering, why are you seeing this post on March 4….. well that’s because March 4th is the Japanese launch of the console 😀

So congratulations to Sony and the PlayStation 2. While the company declares that it’s consoles have a 10 year life-cycle, the PS2 is still going strong. It may surprise you but companies are still producing games for this decade old console. And sales are still up… for console and games alike. So don’t count on the PS2 dying just yet 😀

Again, happy 10th birthday PS2. We’ve had our share of good times 😀


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  1. tripmatrix Aaron April 15, 2010 Reply

    I still play Silent Hill 2 on mine now and then.

    I still need to finish Dark Cloud as well….

  2. kathy-rollo kathy_rollo May 14, 2010 Reply

    PS2 is still dabomb! There are still TONS of titles in the console and hey, the graphics are still awesome for this 10-year-old baby! It’s definitely FAR from going in our “upper-cabinet-of-forgotten-things”. ^_^

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