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Turn your PSP to a work of art

I’ve been looking for a customizable (mod-able, in my case cutable) acrylic casing for my PSP Slim for quite awhile now. There’s still not a lot of options in the market but if

Gundam 00 – Episode 15 and 16

Gundam 00 – Episode 15 and 16

Gundam 00‘s previous and latest episodes proved once and for all that to tell a great battle, you needed two episodes or more. This simple rule has been true for past serieses

Paypal withdrawals to Philippine Banks

Yes it’s finally here. Paypal finally opens it’s doors (fully) to the Philippines, banks and citizens alike. No more lost checks in the mail, no more application for specialized credit cards. Just fork

PSP for Dummies: Indentifying your PSP-2000

PSP for Dummies > Indentifying your PSP-2000 You have arrived at this part of the guide for PSP-2000s. So why a dedicated page for the PSP Slim? This is because there are several

PSP for Dummies: Terms and Definitions

PSP for Dummies > Terms and Definitions You’ve reached the information part of the PSP for Dummies guide. You being here means you’re interested in learning more about your PSP and the terms and

PSP for Dummies: PSP-1000 and hackable PSP-2000

PSP for Dummies > PSP-1000 and hackable PSP-2000 This page is for PSP’s that are fully hackable. If you need help identifying your PSP model, refer to this guide. If you’re lost, please go back

PSP for Dummies: 6.20 OFW for non-hackable PSPs

PSP for Dummies > 6.20 OFW for non-hackable PSPs At this point, you are now ready to install custom firmware on your PSP-2000 (ta88v3), PSP-3000 or PSPGo (basically the non-hackable models), from here on, you

PSP for Dummies: non-hackable PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSP Go

PSP for Dummies > PSP-2000, PSP-3000 and PSP Go This part of the guide will help you install custom firmware on your non-hackable (aka partially-hackable) PSPs. PSP models that fall into this category are

Going to Disney? Don’t forget your DS

Yep. Visitors to Disney (Land, world or the park is called) will soon be able to use their beloved portables as a tour guide in its park. How? You simply need

News you just missed: Link Love #2

I’m already out of school (pre-graduate) and looking for that one job to make it all worth it. I’ve found over 30+ jobs along that line and received replies from about 15 companies

Dummy’s Guide to Installing Custom firmware on a PSP

Let’s say that you’re new to the PSP world and all the terms flying around like Custom Firmware (or CFW), HEN, M33, LCFW, Permanent HEN etc is too confusing then please use this guide

Ginger: the new Netvibes

Netvibes is prepping up a new, fully overhauled release of it’s latest version, Ginger, which will be out to every user of the service by mid-February. I was lucky enough to

The Best Games you’ve never played

With hundreds of new games each year, it’s easy to forget the classics. Sure new games may be top of the line in terms of graphics but what of the gameplay? Games

Manage your time effectively

Poor management of time will prevent even the smartest of people from reaching their full potential. You either end up doing very little or not at all and living an unproductive life is much

Geeks and Valentines #1: Gift ideas

The big day is still a 26 days away and already people are stocking up on gifts like flowers, cards, chocolates even gadgets. And with good reason, anything branded valentines either disappear or

News you just missed: Link Love #1

Thank God and Geeks for inventing the RSS reader. Can you imagine if you had to read all those 50+ blogs in your bookmarks? Well for one, we’d all be stuck in

Techy stuff to Life, Games, and Computing

I’ll confess, I started this blog with no plan whatsover on SEO, niche or even regular posting. To the earlier me is a way of making money. While it’s true, I

Get paid to blog: Smorty Blog Advertising Network

People use blogs for a number of things, a hobby, an outlet of creative juice or simply a place to vent things out. Now, aside from being all that, wouldn’t it be better

Custom Firmware 3.80 is released

As you’ve noticed in some of my posts, I’m slowly shifting this blog to a gaming niche to make way for Pinoy Tech Guy. It wouldn’t make much sense to have 2 blogs

Protecting your content

Scrapers are the worst type of visitors to your site. Why? They “scrape” everything, your posts, your images, even links which are likely at the bottom, and post it as their own.

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