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PSP for Dummies: Terms and Definitions

PSP for Dummies > Terms and Definitions

You’ve reached the information part of the PSP for Dummies guide. You being here means you’re interested in learning more about your PSP and the terms and definitions that people use like Hen, LCFW, Custom Firmware etc.

To start off, let’s start at the basics. Homebrew.

What is Homebrew?

Homebrew simply means something made by the users that didn’t come from the manufacturer. When talking about PSPs, homebrew simply means scripts, programs and/or applications that have been made by users. What does homebrew for the PSP do? A lot of things like emulation, useful apps, etc but to run them, we need to have custom firmware.

What is Custom Firmware?

Custom Firmware is a Homebrew-ed firmware that either allows 3rd party (non-Sony approved) code to be run on the PSP. This allows you to run PSP games off your memory card (or if you have a PSP Go, off the built-in storage), emulators, plugins, etc.

What is a hackable PSP?

A fully hackable PSP is simply one that can have custom firmware installed without permanently bricking the device. That’s what the term fully hackable PSP means in it’s loosest sense. Technically, even fully hackable PSP’s can be bricked when installing a custom firmware but it can be revived using a Pandora Battery. A partially- or non-hackable PSP cannot be revived using a Pandora Battery.

What’s a Pandora Battery?

A Pandora Battery is a hacked battery that can be used to un-brick a PSP and/or put it to service mode to install custom firmware.

What’s a bricked PSP?

A bricked PSP is usually a unit that has something wrong with its firmware that renders it inoperable and completely useless (hence the term brick). A bricked PSP would normally have to be sent back to Sony for repair. However, if you have a Pandora Battery, you can use it to recover your PSP back to life.

What is the service mode?

The service-mode reset that is triggered by a Pandora Battery allows you to reload the original or custom firmware on your PSP. With it, you can upgrade and/or downgrade your PSP safely (just don’t interrupt the process) and even revived bricked PSPs (as stated above).

What is HEN?
HEN is short for Homebrew ENabler. While a lot of people interchange HEN and CFW, HEN is simply a script or an application that uses exploits found in the PSP to allow the user to run Homebrew applications. HEN may or may not allow you to play ISOs from your memory stick as is the case with 6.20 TN and 6.20 Pro.

What is LCFW?
LCFW a form of Custom Firmware that is temporarily loaded onto the PSP so long as it’s volatile memory doesn’t lose power (e.g. the PSP get’s turned off or loses charge or gets it’s battery taken out). Since it is just temporary, you need to reload (not necessarily reinstall) it to regain all the benefits of custom firmware again.

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