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Going to Disney? Don’t forget your DS

Yep. Visitors to Disney (Land, world or the park is called) will soon be able to use their beloved portables as a tour guide in its park. How? You simply need the wireless device called the Disney Magic Connection system (scratchy details as of the moment but a few people have tried it) to roam around the park.


You DS will not only serve as a digital guidebook, it can also display current wait times on rides as well as the best time for shortest lines at a certain ride or attraction. There’s even an expected function to track your favorite characters, so you don’t loose them in the crowd (Not that they’re THAT hard to miss. Big heads?? o.O). Lost? Don’t worry, your DS can point you to the nearest Information booth.



A big pat to Disney and Nintendo for upping the experience up a notch.

What about PSP users?

Don’t feel bad. There’s still the GPS unit for us.


The GPS receiver is relatively small, weighing around 15 grams, and refreshes approximately every second. There aren’t many games or applications this GPS attachment, but that list will no doubt grow.

At the moment, Home Star Portable – a planetarium application for information about the night sky – and Navigation Soft – a navigation application for plotting and displaying driving and walking routes – are the only ones available. Still beats having no GPS right?

Once the homebrew community get their hands on the PSP GPS, we’re bound to see some interesting GPS applications for the PSP.

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