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Turn your PSP to a work of art

I’ve been looking for a customizable (mod-able, in my case cutable) acrylic casing for my PSP Slim for quite awhile now. There’s still not a lot of options in the market but if you know where to look you’d get 4 nice options:

  • A capdase soft jacket
  • A fliptop crystal case
  • A screen-only flip crystal case
  • A bootlegged PlayGear Pocket (best option if you don’t want to shell out 800 bucks on a case you’ll be cutting)

Now there’s very little you can do in terms of customization for the Capdase jacket and the full fliptop crystal case is just ugly (PSPs are equivalent to cars after all) so you’re left with the screen-only flip one and the PlayGear Pocket.

Now what about art?

Face it, after awhile staring at your pristine looking PSP can be boring sometimes. Sure you can spice it up with a custom firmware and themes on your XMB and a cool looking housing (expensive!) but then again if you carry your PSP in a case then you can’t flaunt it (I’m guilty of this sometimes). So instead of spending money on things people can’t see, why not spice up your case?

PlayGear Pocket

PlayGear Pocket skin

Now PlayGear Pockets are bulky but since it’s one whole piece you get to skin it with much more ease than the screen-only flip crystal case.

The downside? It looks more like a bag than a PSP and I know a lot of people who aren’t very comfortable with the PlayGear’s size.

Check out the full skinning tutorial here.

Crystal Case


This is my current favorite. I’m actually considering switching back to the Crystal Case for this. You can check out the full skinning tutorial on PinoyPSP. The great part about using a Crystal Case skin is that you can blend your XMB theme to it just like with the pic. Nice right?

Now for those of you afraid of DIY projects or simply don’t have time for it, darcke offers his services to you, for a fee (Open to the Philippines only, not sure if he takes international orders). You can choose from some of the the pre-made designs (TechKilla is amazing) or a custom one that you can choose yourself or made for you. I assure you, pricing is reasonable for the quality of his works.

If you’re interested, just check the Kameleon skins site and place an order. I’m considering on getting one as soon as I finish the week. It’s been quite hectic.

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