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Gundam 00 – Episode 15 and 16

Gundam 00‘s previous and latest episodes proved once and for all that to tell a great battle, you needed two episodes or more. This simple rule has been true for past serieses like Gundam SEED (and Destiny) and even Gundam Wing.

I stopped halfway through creating a post for episode 15 due to 2 things.

  1. Like any Climatic Gundam Episode, you needed the next episode(/s) to get the full story
  2. I wanted to see more of the Thrones

Turns out waiting for Episode 16 was well worth it. Why? It dispelled some of my notions on the existences of the Thrones and what role they’ll be playing with Celestial Being. Here’s the synopsis and some additional info for both episodes.

Episode 15

Gundam 00 Gundam 00

Gundam 00 Gundam 00

As I’ve stated earlier episode 15 is Part 1 of one drawn out battle. In preparation for this all 3 powers dot the desert with a communication network (similar to what Sergei did on a much larger scale) and prepared to mobilize 832 mobile suits comprising 52 units to combat the Gundams.

The first 2 Meisters to enter the fight are Kyrios and Dynames to take out the terrorist forces that the HRL served as “bait” and soon began the battle of attrition with the HRL.

In an effort to create an escape path, Virtue fires on Burst mode at the HRL forces creating a trench but before Tiera and Setsuna could proceed to the next step, the Union sets off a missile barrage to hold them down.

The plan worked almost flawlessly for Union, AEU and HRL as they were able to isolate each Gundam unit and focus fire.

Tiera and Virtue was held by Patrick Corlasawar and his Enact forces

Kyrios and Hallelujah was captured by Sergei and Soma

Lockon and Dynames was bogged down by AEU’s Overflags

Setsuna and Exia was downed by Gaily or (Ali Al as animeblogger refers to him) and the Mobile Armor Agrissa.

A cliffhanger if I ever saw one. All units were supposed to have been captured. That is until the Thrones showed up.

What are the Thrones actually?

At first I thought they were another “Celestial Being” per se. My predictions were not far off. The Thrones (technically still Meisters) are another division to CB with a somewhat higher rank of importance and secrecy to the original Meisters. They differ greatly in the sense that they don’t actually follow Vader’s (or was it Veda) predictions and seem as if an independent unit altogether.

Why the heirarchy?

Well some speculate that there’s actually a hierarchy to Celestial Being’s Meisters:

  1. First Sphere
    • Seraphim
    • Cherubim
    • Ophanim
  2. Second Sphere
    • Thrones – Zwei is here
    • Dominions
    • Principalities
  3. Third Sphere
    • Powers – Exia is here
    • Archangels
    • Angels

Got enough of Angels yet? If this is true then we’re all set to see a more advanced Unit in the following episodes. Of course this is besides considering that Gundam protagonists upgrade their Units midway through the series so things are really getting interesting.

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