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Gundam 00 – Episode 15 and 16

Episode 16

Gundam 00 Gundam 00

Gundam 00 Gundam 00

The episode picks off with Nena in Gundam Drei saving Exia from Agrissa’s Plasma field with very little aggression from Ali Al. Gundam Ein shaves off both Patrick’s and Graham’s Units single-handedly and Gundam Zwei trashes Sergei’s units.

Episode 16 gives us a peek at the abilities of these new units and by far, these are the cheeziest units I’ve seen next to Gundam SEED, Gundam Zwei and Drei in particular.

Gundam Ein just feels like and ULTRA LONG RANGE version of Dynames so it doesn’t really bother me. As for Gundam Drei, there wasn’t really indication to how overpowering this unit is aside from the VERY LARGE range of it’s GN Particle’s disruption field. Now put in terms of power output, Drei seems to be able to put out more than the already massive output of Gundam Virtue. I’d hate to see Drei wielding that massive GN Bazooka.

Gundam Zwei deserves a special mention because it’s the cheeziest of the Throne units. Why? Simple. Funnels

Gundam 00

In the Gundam Universe, the only thing that had been limiting the creation of an in-atmosphere funnel System was propulsion. Sure they could make it just “fly” but it would destroy the very realism (or surrealism) that has always surrounded Gundam Units. In Gundam 00, use of GN particles as propulsion seems to have overcome that hence we now have a Unit that has a very powerful weapons system that all Gundam fans know WAS effective only in space warfare.

After Nena’s display of Drei’s Stealth Field, for a moment, I thought I was watching Evangelion. XD

As for the synopsis, well there isn’t really much that happened for episode 16. After mopping every hostile unit, the Thrones leave the atmosphere under the cover of Gundam Drei’s stealth field and we get a recap.

The episode ends with Celestial Being’s ship, Ptolemaeus approaching the Trinity’s ship in space.

My speculations? After spending the next two or three episodes with the Thrones, the Original Meisters will either have to face them either from Vader’s predictions or their own volition. After all the new Meisters aren’t at all inclined to reducing the number of casualties, even the bubbly Nena. My basis for this is that Setsuna seems to be turning to the series’ “pacifist” with his ties with Marina Ismail. Not sure who will end up with who but I get the feeling that Nena and Setsuna will be involved with each other, along the way.

Ending Song

To anyone interested, here’s is the Promotional Video for the new Ending Song of the series entitled Friends by Stephanie (wow, we don’t get many people named Stephanie). The video is nothing special but the song feels quite powerful with her voice at it’s helm




Here’s a rip of the mp3 from the video. It’s not the full version, just the PV version, if you want to get the full version, you have to wait until January 30 (2 days from date of post).

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