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Install OpenIdea ISO loader on your PSP

If you’re having problems playing games with the Prometheus ISO loader, don’t fret, a challenger has appeared :). Enter the OpenIdea ISO loader. It functions just the same as the more popular

A match made in heaven, the PSPboy

I lol’d at this pic the first time I saw it and when I saw it on reddit again, I thought I’d share it (again?). Sure it’s an impossibility that’s simply too absurd

This could be the PlayStation Phone

We’ve been hearing rumors of a PSP + phone mash up for quite sometime now and this is the very first time that a prototype of sorts that’s been leaked (purposely perhaps) for our

Sony launches official Protection Plan for PlayStation line

Not soon after the official PlayStation launch (yeah, our country is late to the party but hey, better late than never), Sony has decided to up the ante by announcing it’s official protection plan

PSP Games that block custom firmware

Sony and game publishers have started to implement a security system for PSPs that block custom firmware from within the game. They do it by checking your firmware version before booting the actual

So what games are you still playing?

So what games are you still playing?

Some video games are simply not meant to be put down and our reasons for keeping on playing them vary from exceptional quality of the game, the epic story, the unforgettable characters, or simply

Can my PSP have custom firmware installed?

I’ve been receiving tons of questions on how to check if their PSP can have custom firmware installed.  Here’s a complete and concise guide to get you going.  Make sure to read through the

Will 2009 be the year of the PSP?

I’d like to think that 2009 will be the renaissance of the PSP or simply, the year of the PSP.  Why? Strong sales?  Numerous upcoming titles? Increased overall traction as a platform? Yes, sales wise,

PSP Exclusives: Final Fantasy Agito XIII and The 3rd Birthday Trailers

Yes, Square-Enix hasn’t forgotten us PSP fans.  After the smorgasbord that was the trailers for FF XIII and Versus XIII sent us drooling, they’ve released two trailers for upcoming PSP-only titles that’s bound to

Will the iPhone unseat PSP and DS? Not likely

There’s a lot of buzz on the Mac side of computing as a several game developers start signing up for the Mac camp.  Sure it’s exciting since big names like Sega are setting up

Sony to offer Short Films on PSP and PS3

Freebies galore as SCEE unveils a little project that it’s working on called Shoot! Shoot! is basically a project that involves six short films that will be offered as free downloads on both the PS3

PSP Brite remains immune to Custom Firmware

Every casual PSP fan has expected the PSP Brite to be hacked and issued a version of the Custom Firmware a few days after release much like the PSP Slim.  Much to everyone’s surprise,

PSP Firmware 5.00 details

I’m not so sure about Sony’s current naming convention when it comes to the PSP’s firmware version but hey, an update is something to be happy about right? Firmware 4.00 added Google Search to the

Want Dual Analog on your PSP? Wait for PSP Plus

Instead of a redesign (by adding the highly requested 2nd analog stick), Sony innovates by adding a brand new technology on it’s games to give PSP gamers a better gaming experience.  How?  How about

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