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Install OpenIdea ISO loader on your PSP

If you’re having problems playing games with the Prometheus ISO loader, don’t fret, a challenger has appeared :). Enter the OpenIdea ISO loader. It functions just the same as the more popular Prometheus ISO loader but is from a different developer.

Requirements for installing OpenIdea ISO loader:

How to Install OpenIdea ISO loader on your PSP

  • Extract the OpenIdea ISO loader file to your computer.
  • Copy the resulting PSP folder directly on your memory stick or PSP Go storage
  • Check if your memory stick or PSP Go storage has an existing seplugins folder
    • If you have don’t have it, copy the resulting seplugins folder (from the file you extracted earlier) directly on your memory stick or PSP Go storage
    • If you do have it, open the seplugins folder and the vsh.txt file (simply use the one included in this package)
      • If you a PSP 2000 or 3000: copy this line into the vsh.txt file:
        [code]ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1[/code]
      • If you a PSP Go: copy this line into the vsh.txt file:
        [code]ef0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1[/code]
  • Reset Hen from the VSH menu (press select to access it)
  • After your PSP restarts, you can load games directly from the XMB (unlike the Prometheus ISO loader where you have to load the GUI)

Be sure to check out this guide for Games Compatible with OpenIdea ISO loader

Important note: If you want to change the driver that OpenIdea is using, hold the L trigger when starting a game and select which driver you want to use, otherwise M33 is better and then used automatically.
Important note: Your PSP games need to be in the ISO folder so that the OpenIdea ISO loader can find them
Important note: You can use this plugin in tandem with the Prometheus ISO loader.

The screenshot you see above is the OpenIdea ISO loader running on my PSP Go. (oh yay, I got the screenshot plugin running :))

If you’re having trouble with the current version of OpenIdea ISO loader, here’s the older version (0.2 beta 3)

credits to Dridri for the plugin

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  1. vanz_paltog banban February 6, 2011 Reply

    kindly make the instruction clear…. how come there is 5.03 extraction.. ???

  2. atomfs entropy13 February 6, 2011 Reply

    I’m using Isotool for now instead of this. Game compatibility depends on Prometheus though, as it uses that and simply allows you to get XMB links for your games.

  3. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 8, 2011 Reply

    updated links for 0.2 beta 4

  4. psykosquirrel dLeTe February 21, 2011 Reply

    Question. (I apologize if this isn’t the place to ask it). Using 6.20 TN-C w/OpenIdea ISO Loader on PSP Go. Everything has been awesome. Just bought 16GB memory card just to have more space. Formatted memory card for PSP, added ISO folder, and added a game into to try out. Nothing shows up in XMB (says no game present). I tried putting in the vsh.txt onto the memory as well. Still nothing. Any advice?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade February 21, 2011 Reply

      This is a known issue with the current Hen iterations for the PSP Go, the problem is that loaders can only use one storage source, either the Memory stick or the on-board storage but not both. Hopefully future patches will be able to remedy the problem but as of now it’s something we PSP Go owners have to live with.

      • psykosquirrel dLeTe February 22, 2011 Reply

        Aw. That is sad. I guess it’s not too important that I see the game in the memory card. If you install Prometheus onto the memory card you can run the game. And if you put in ISO Tool you can make an xmb icon from the memory so it’s not entirely lost. I was just hoping to have it instantly to have that feel I guess. Thank you for your prompt reply!

      • psykosquirrel dLeTe February 22, 2011 Reply

        That is a little sad and disappointing. But I guess we can’t have it all so soon. You can put prometheus onto the memory card and the game can run through that. And I guess you can also add ISO tool to make an xmb launch icon. So it’s almost the same. =] I guess I was just hoping for that instantly there feeling. Thank you for your prompt reply!

    • R4XKillaz313 R4XKillaz313 October 15, 2011 Reply

      Have you tried formatting the MS? Is the MS recognized?

  5. lmakiramdam wayne May 15, 2011 Reply

    a little question:
    i’m using prometheus iso loader right now on my psp 6.20 TN-D, and the problem is i have to open the loader before i can start a game. can OpenIdea start a game quickly?

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade May 15, 2011 Reply

      Yep, technically the OpenIdea ISO loader is faster because you can readily play games from the XMB (no need to launch anything except for the game)

  6. lmakiramdam wayne May 15, 2011 Reply

    thanks for reply. that was awesome!

  7. vince_khalifa vince April 3, 2012 Reply

    – add “ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/OIP/isoctrl.prx 1” to ms0:/SEPLUGINS/vsh.txt

    what does this means?

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