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PSP Brite remains immune to Custom Firmware

Every casual PSP fan has expected the PSP Brite to be hacked and issued a version of the Custom Firmware a few days after release much like the PSP Slim.  Much to everyone’s surprise, the unit still remains immune to Custom Firmware due to the new motherboard and processor.

The previous vulnerabilities that allowed allow access to kernel memory and firmware are now patched up and sealed.  Until they find a new vulnerability, the PSP Brite will remain CFW free.

Sir Royginald, one of the premier modders in the Pinoy PSP community had to swap PSP Slim’s CPU into a PSP Brite while keeping the screen and case intact.  The bad part?  It still doesn’t run properly.

Here’s a video:

The good news for fans is that while the PSP Brite firmware remains pristine, it makes developers look at the PSP again.  Before you put up complaints about the PSP Brite’s CFW immunity, ask yourself if you’ve bought a UMD to help the developers continue making games.  If you haven’t then it’s hypocrisy to even complain.

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  1. zetagear zetagear November 3, 2008 Reply

    same goes for DSi‘s homebrew Slot1 carts

  2. jxic20 JxiC\\20 September 1, 2009 Reply

    nyc post!! Its true that some ppl don buy any more games just download them lol…

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