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So what games are you still playing?

Some video games are simply not meant to be put down and our reasons for keeping on playing them vary from exceptional quality of the game, the epic story, the unforgettable characters, or simply out of pure addiction.

Aside from novice photography with my Nikon D40, I’m keeping busy with playing titles that I simply can’t find a reason shelf (at least for now). Here’s the few titles that I’m currently still playing:


  • Starcraft
  • Diablo II
  • Warcraft III
  • Sins of a Solar Empire
  • Roller Coaster Tycoon 3


  • Final Fantasy Dissidia
  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
  • Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G
  • Phantasy Star Portable


  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Star Ocean 1
  • Star Ocean 2
  • Xenogears
  • XenoSaga series
  • Personal 3
  • Persona 4

The list is not exhaustive but it does include the titles that I visit more than twice a week.  How about you guys?  Care to share your list?

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  1. ron.delrosario Ron April 20, 2009 Reply

    Fallout 3, FF Tactics, Roller Coaster Tycoon 1.

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 21, 2009 Reply

      wow the original roller coaster tycoon game… haha sa D90 mo nilalaro? XD

  2. bobat trench April 21, 2009 Reply

    hmm… I play WC3 Frozen Throne every now and then.. Im still an ORC fan! haha..

    On the 360, Gears 2 takes up most of my time and I still get in a bit of COD5. Need to pick up RE5 soon!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 21, 2009 Reply

      hmm I think the only way for RTS fans like us to drop WC3: TFT is for Blizzard to release SC 2 XD

      • bobat trench April 26, 2009 Reply

        I cant wait to get a chance at SC2.

  3. gm.tristaniii GM Tristan April 22, 2009 Reply

    Me, I’m playing Rohan! Wee!

    • atmaxplorer sylv3rblade April 22, 2009 Reply

      Lol currently playing yan GM T. Yung di mo mabitawan nun pa. Parang… pokemon lol

  4. silkenhut Allen - Silkenhut May 3, 2009 Reply

    wow! I can’t remember what old games I am still playing. I switch games so fast I can’t keep track of them all. lol ^-^

  5. emperor_wurm_49 issai May 13, 2009 Reply


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