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Sony launches official Protection Plan for PlayStation line

Not soon after the official PlayStation launch (yeah, our country is late to the party but hey, better late than never), Sony has decided to up the ante by announcing it’s official protection plan for it’s PlayStation line of consoles, namely the PS3 and the PSP.

A protection plan for a console? Well, that’s probably not news to you if you’re an Xbox 360 owner :). (Not meaning to incite a flamewar here mind you), If it is and you’re scratching your head as to WHY you need a potection plan for your console, it’s sort of a lifeline for you and your beloved game machine then don’t skip the paragraph below.

If anything happens that you cannot repair within the confines of the EULA or without voiding your warranty, you send your console to Sony. The protection plan will cover the price tag that entails the repair process – $150 (nearly the cost of PSP no?) plus shipping. Costly right?

As for pricing, please refer to the details below:


1 year Plan = $44.99
2 year Plan = $59.99


1 year Plan = $24.99
2 year Plan = $39.99

Now if you’re the “clumsy” type, there’s an “accidental damage” option is also being offered for $10 more

Additional details are available on Sony’s official website.

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