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Will 2009 be the year of the PSP?

I’d like to think that 2009 will be the renaissance of the PSP or simply, the year of the PSP.  Why? Strong sales?  Numerous upcoming titles? Increased overall traction as a platform?

Yes, sales wise, the PSP doesn’t beat the DS in the number of units sold but that doesn’t mean that the PSP, as platform and a gaming console, is a failure.  Why?  It’s already more PROFITABLE than the PS3 (50 million PSPs vs 20 million PS3s, remember, Sony keeps losing money for each PS3 it sells).

Sales alone does not mark the failure of success of a system.  Why?  Because as long as the PSP is profitable for Sony, and games are still selling like hot cakes, that itself is success on itself.

So why 2009?  What’s new with 2009?  3 Particular reasons.

  1. The PSP-3000
  2. Love it, hate it, throw it (no don’t throw it, just give it to me ^_^), the PSP Brite or PSP-3000 is one of the major reasons that the platform is getting revitalized.  Why?  Simply because the PSP-3000 is still immune to . Sure, it sucks for people who don’t BUY their PSP games but for the developers, it’s a welcome and very viable option.

  3. Number of QUALITY games
  4. Sure there’s still quite a LOT of DS games coming out this year but how many of that are shovel wares?  Same goes for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Analysts and fanboys can project the fall of the PSP all  they want but until people buy AND play games that offer them for hundreds of hours on gameplay (e.g. Monster Hunter Series), replayability (e.g. Crisis Core), platform exclusivity (e.g. Final Fantasy Dissidia), etc.  They’ll keep coming back for more.

    If you’re intrested in the list of AAA games coming out this year, check out PSP Games to look forward to in 2009 and PSP gets Rock Band, Assassin’s creed, LBP.

  5. Digital Distribution
  6. Yes, yes.  Time and time again, a lot of analyst, haters and even loyal PSP fans have stated that the UMD is the point of failure of the PSP.  It’s expensive, it’s bulky and it chews up precious battery life.  But Sony is turning on a new leaf or rather already turned it.  The PlayStation Network already offers TONS of purchase worthy titles for the PSP and Sony is dredging it’s old and dusty library of games to see what Playstation games are worthy of being ported to the Portable Platform.  Case in point being Star Ocean 1 and 2.  To date, Sony is already offering UMD-less games that are only available thru PSN.

    The best part about it?  These downloaded games are purchased online AND downloaded straight to your memory stick.  (Yes, you can say the same about ISO games but, did you BUY them?).  Before you clamor about the number of Gigs purchased and downloaded games cost, you should look at the Sony Media Manager for PSP.

    Oh, and before throwing your hat in, a hardware developer involved in the project has already confirmed that the PSP2 is UMD-less.

Want add or contradict something to the post?  Post a comment and let’s fire up the discussion.

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  1. rrulloda godgets March 10, 2009 Reply

    I’m new when it come’s to psp, my psp is just a few months old but slowly i’m learning some tricks like on how to play PS1 games on my psp and upgrading the custom firmware on my own

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