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Goodbye to 2007 and my pre-blogger self

It’s been quite a year for me with tons of new experiences both online and offline. Though I didn’t make it to the roll of graduating (actually graduating, not just the graduate class)

Year Ender Contest from YugaTech

Blog contests seem to be running popular as of late and one of of five people in my RSS reader is sponsoring one. In the spirit of sharing, here’s another contest sponsored by

Guide to Programming Series: Week 4

After a bit of delay here’s the last of the Guide to Programming Series: The Life Cycle of a Typical Program. Why the delay? A lot of personal stuff (like my impromptu

Myself Yourself – Series Review

The series finally wraps with one of the better endings that harems animes could ever have. Best series of the year? Nah but it’s a definite must watch. Like Honey and

Never keep sensitive information on your emails

If you haven’t been visiting your social media site because of the holidays then you’ve probably haven’t heard of David’s story. While on vacation (like most of us now), his site and ultimately

Back from Japan

After some issues with airport immigration, they thought I was someone else and ID’ed me six times, I’m back in front of my computer screen. No one’s here as expected, everyone in my

Merry Xmas from Osaka

Aside from the expensive ($1K+!?!) round trip ticket, the trip was fairly routine. I wanted to go to Akihabara but seeing that the fare was already taken from my own wallet, I doubt I’d survive

Off to Japan for the Xmas

I wasn’t supposed to go since I was saving up for a brand new laptop but I think I deserve a vacation. Sorry for being out of myself (yes I deleted the EntreCard

Five Technology Disappointments in 2007

I think 2007 was (and still is) a good year for technology-geeks. There’s a bunch of quality products blew us (and our pockets) away like the PSP Slim, the new Zune and iPod

Guide to Programming Series: Week 3

I’m a bit distracted as I was editing this (I’ve had the post ready for about a week which awaited minor changes) because I just got to view my grades today. Although it’s

A FREE PS3 for Xmas

That title is no joke. One of the few blogs in “Most Read” tabe in Netvibes is having giving away a FREE PS3 unit. Sounds too good to be true? Nah.

A new host and a new look

I noticed that Atma Xplorer’s loading time in the past was a bit long (using fasterfox on Firefox Portable on several different PCs and locations). It was mainly due to the PNG images

Cleaning up for the season

I’m currently working on transferring to another host, Dreamhost has given me one too many downtimes. If you can recommend a good host with 99% uptime (preferably one a Pinoy-owned one) in the

Guide to Programming Series: Week 2

To those following the series, sorry for being late. It was the last week of the term (AKA Hell week) and I had tons of to-do on my list that I didn’t remember to

FlatPress; a wordpress alternative?

To host a blog, you need a domain name, a host and a SQL database. Usually, your host servers and your SQL server are hosted on different machines, accidents do happen and without

Protect yourself from malware

Malware vulnerability is on of the few reasons I stay away from my Windows PC when surfing the net. While some of these can be just common annoyances like tracking cookies or keyloggers,

syl goes to H3 2k7

I was able to go to the second day of the con. Luckily I didn’t dare go to day one because of the huge number of people. 200+ Individual cosplayers battled it out

Programming Tools

As additional resource to the programming I have started, can be made easier if you have the right tools. I’ve categorized each according to use. PDF Reader: Not all students have books.  Sometimes, a free

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