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Myself Yourself – Series Review

Myself Yourself logoThe series finally wraps with one of the better endings that harems animes could ever have. Best series of the year? Nah but it’s a definite must watch. Like Honey and Clover titles like this are a rarity.


At this point, you’ll probably note the series is more than just an anime about friendship. A much more closer description would be reality-based anime. It’s a touching and down to earth that everyone (at least who’s mature enough to think that suicide isn’t cool) should see.


Owing the anime’s origin to a visual novel almost ensures the quality of the artwork of the series. Character design was done by Mutsumi Sasaki, who also responsible for the characters of Memories Off, Happy Lesson, and Futakoi. Said designs ranges from bishoujo (Nanaka) to cutesy (Hinako). Animation was smooth and there’s very little complaint on the overall look of the show.


There’s only a few memorable tracks for the series and this notably includes the ending theme, “Kimi to Yozora to Sakamichi to”. It’s catchy and although it doesn’t exactly fit the context of the anime, it’s a beautiful song in itself. As for the interludes there’s nothing to mention since nothing really sticks to you.

If you are able to acquire the visual novel, you get access to 6 other ending themes, of which six are known: “Another World” by Ami Koshimizu, “Aoitori” by Tomoko Kaneda, “Never leave me alone” by Yukari Tamura, “Hajimete no Kiss” by Ayumi Murata, “Mirai Kansoku” by Megumi Toyoguchi, and “Haru no Kiss” by Mai Nakahara. Each of the ending themes are sung by the voice actresses of the six heroines from the series. Said themes are released into two albums each containing 3 songs.

Other Stuff:

Here’s a breakdown of the endings for everyone:

Shuu and Shuri leave town amidst the rumors of them being romantically involved. There were hints throughout the series that Shuu felt something more than sibling love for his elder sister but there was little confirmation for this. We see them again at the last episode returning after 10 years for Nanaka’s concert.

Aoi and Asami role in the ending isn’t that much clear. Asami confesses that she was interested with Shuri, confessed and got rejected which led her to create trouble for the twins by starting that rumors that they were more than siblings. Aoi steps a bit back to let Nanaka and Sana develop their feelings for each other. In the end, they’re both seen with their 10 years later look.

Myself Yourself GameHinako gets over her love for Shuu and later developed interest in Sana. 10 years later, she is shown with her still undeveloped chest (while she was looking in the mirror ^^) and her boyfriends who was 5 years younger.

Yuzuki doesn’t get much exposure for the main plot except that she realizes that the child she had given her first caramel to all those years ago was in fact Sana.

Sana and Nanaka end up together in the end and it took them quite awhile before they got there (10 years before Sana proposed o.O). During the development of their relationship, we get to see Nanaka’s distrubed past (I was right about the dark secret part for the series). Yes, Nanaka turned out to be emo but the series’s storytelling was played so right the story was really touching.

The last scene shows everyone 10 years later going to Nanaka’s concert where she plays the tune that she had promised to Sana to be completed by the time he returned. Cliché but it was a nice touch.

Myself Yourself is a mature series that touches several major aspects of reality without the glamor and fanfare that ruins most shows that try this approach. From a family broken up by a past mistake (no I won’t spoil you guys), the lash back of a lie, to the realities of child suicide, the series was able to explain the feelings of the characters involved and leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Titles that can do such are extremely rare.

Download a copy of the series now. Or when it gets licensed by a (an original set) set of the DVD. You won’t regret having this series. Oh and if you haven’t noticed, the picture I used for this post was from the PS2 game. I’m currently looking for a copy simply because I can’t get enough of the story.

Rating: 9.5/10

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  1. xianwenqiao Jennifer February 14, 2011 Reply

    Hinako’s boyfriend is probably Asami’s cousin that she met at the amusement park.

    • neomatrix_75 GFLconspiriacy March 29, 2011 Reply

      Good call ! I never would have thought about that. I just cause how there was still an age difference.

  2. leaferon Claudia February 19, 2011 Reply

    how old is nanaka?

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