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Guide to Programming Series: Week 1

After taking my refresher course on Java (which was basically getting down and dirty with coding), I decided to make a Programming Series that aims to help beginners with cope with the basics of

PSP Battery Kit

Sony is set to release The PSP Extended Life Battery Kit which will extend the operating time of your PSP units (both Phat and Slim or PSP-1000 and -2000). This new battery, at 2200mAh

Visual Studio 2008

I just finished downloading my copy of Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 via the Microsoft Developer Network. What’s weird about it is I was able to download the Professional Edition, which still has the

6 Reasons to Switch to Linux

1. Linux is Stable as a Rock As no doubt many in the industry will tell you, Linux is proven to be a reliable operating system (parts of your system may crash but not

What’s on your Christmas Wish list?

Since YugaTech, Dexter and Mcbilly have been posted their wish lists for the upcoming Christmas season so I decided to compile mine. A year before, everything on that list would’ve been bulky pieces of equipment,

Myself Yourself – Initial Review

I stumbled on Myself; Yourself while downloading m.3.3.w‘s other subbed series, Ninomiya-kun by accident. I misread the XDCC list for one on their bots and downloaded episode one of the said series by mistake.

Firefox 3 Beta

I decided to install Firefox Beta 3 (currently at 3.0b1) to see how much improvement the Mozilla team has packed into Gran Paradiso. Firefox 3 beta is available for download from Mozilla’s servers and

Extreme PC Cooling

Are you THAT paranoid of your PC’s operating temperature?  Current games (like Crysis) are processor intensive so you’re bound to heat your silicons whether you like it or not.  Why not create a custom

Level Up drops the Ban Hammer

Due to the wide popularity of Valkyrie, Ragnarok Online PH’s newest free-to-play server, numerous players intending to GAME the system tried to employ the usual bot-dominance over the server. Too bad for them,

Sony Launches the PlayStation Store for PSP

Without much fanfare, Sony opens up the PlayStation Store. where you can download for-pay and free content via your computer and upload them directly onto your PSP. At the moment, there’s still just limited content

Gigabyte M704 UMPC

Things seem to be heating up in the sub-notebook world as major names in manufacturers like Asus, Fujitsu, and Apple begins to target the Ultra Mobile PC Market. Now, Taiwanese-based Gigabyte is also

Browsershots: A great web design tool

Interested on how your site looks on a different browser and OS? If you were to do it the old way you need multiple browsers in your PC (say Opera, Firebox, IE and

Debunking MMO Gamers

Playing MMOGs for about most of my college years, I’ve found that gamers can be classified into 5 categories depending on how they interact with other players and the game itself. Note that


With the release of Nvidia’s 8800GT, budget gamers were given a taste of high end chips without the shelling out massive bucks. Not to be left behind, AMD unveils it’s bet on the

Shakugan no Shana Season 2 – A quick look

Like many sequels I’ve seen so far, Shakugan no Shana’s second take on the seen feels like a drawn out appeal by animators (not the creators of the manga) to bait more people into

PS3 to support DivX

x Anime and gaming fans rejoice after the press release sent out by DivX Inc., revealing a partnership with Sony allowing DivX media support on the PlayStation 3 console. The functionality is expected

Crysis hit shelves

Crysis, one of the most anticipated FPS games is now available in stores—in selected countries that is. Germany, Austria, as well as Australia and the US will be able to find copies (legal ones)

Crysis leaked before Launch

The much awaited First Person Shooter, Crysis which is set to be released on November 19 has been seen floating on one of the most popular torrent sites, PirateBay. Razor1911 released a cracked

YouTube gets upgrades

If you’re a frequent YouTube uploader, you’d notice that the Google company increased file size limit from 100 MB to 1 GB. Length for videos still remain at 10 minutes though so while

Gmail 2.0

After the release of Gmail’s IMAP support, the free email service began rolling out Gmail 2.0 for its users. The change wasn’t global (I think it’s per area) and the change for my

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