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PSP Battery Kit

Sony is set to release The PSP Extended Life Battery Kit which will extend the operating time of your PSP units (both Phat and Slim or PSP-1000 and -2000). This new battery, at 2200mAh will offer 20% more juice for PSP-1000s and 80% on PSP-2000s (wow!). In comparison, PSP-1000s use 1800mAh batteries while PSP-2000s use 1200mAh.

Note that since the new battery is noticeably larger than the originals, it will bulge so you will need to install new battery covers will be included AND users with crystal/hard/aluminum casings will have to forgo them since their units will never fit after installation.

MSRP is at $44.99 and release is expected by mid-December.

PSP Battery Kit

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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