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Myself Yourself – Initial Review

I stumbled on Myself; Yourself while downloading m.3.3.w‘s other subbed series, Ninomiya-kun by accident. I misread the XDCC list for one on their bots and downloaded episode one of the said series by mistake. After watching it, I saw that it has several good points for an interesting start even with such a cliched anime genre – harem and ultimately romance.The basic plot of Myself; Yourself is basically about a small group of high schoolers and their relationship overtime. There’s very little mystery as to who Sana Hidaka, the lead male shows interest in but judging from his first meeting with Nanaka Yatsushiro after several years, their love story is bound to be sidetracked.

Although the anime feels, looks and goes on like a cliched harem, it has an air of mystery around it that keeps you glued to the series. What is it with the bloodied knife and his wrist? No wait that’s quite obvious, the real question is why. Dark and emo Harems seem to be the current trend today like School Days.

Myself Yourself

After five episodes you’d realize that comedy is just so-so and sometimes the story just crawls to a screeching halt. You can amuse yourself by simply analyzing each character’s flaw and how it ends up amusing sometimes. Aoi’s voice is pitched too high for her character’s image that I feel it’s due to her well-endowed busom crushing her diaphragm all the time. Syuri is a loli figure waiting to be referred to as one and Nanaka feels like a shy type girl wanting to be otherwise and turns her into an emo-girl instead. Syusuke is a typical air-head while Sana is your typical two-goody character.

The anime has promise though like since it doesn’t just rely on comedy and uses passive story telling techniques like innuendo and scenes so out of place they can’t help but be funny. A prime example would be episode 5, where Hinako discusses breast enlargement techniques in a group which Sana. His reaction was simply classic.

Overall I feel it’s a good series to stick to in the end. Although I won’t rate is as good, it’s basically watchable, at least until the story gets screwed to the point of no return.

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