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StarCraft II Closed Beta Begins!

Blizzard has just announced the start of closed beta testing for StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and a handful of lucky (bastards?) players are already enjoying the game. As for the much awaited

HON (Heroes of Newerth) Beta Keys/Invites

If you’ve played DoTA before then chances are you’ve heard of Heroes Of Newerth aka HoN. It’s a standalone game that allows you all the gameplay of DoTA without Warcraft 3 but will

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Patch Progress

The image shown above shows in great detail how far the khbbs patch progress is. It’s a RED screen! What’s the purpose of the RED screen for the Kingdom Hearts: Birth

Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes, Hacks, strategies, Unlimited Sun

Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes So you’ve decided to play some plants vs zombies but found the game either too challenging, too boring or too straightforward. So without any more introductions, here’s a quick

Xbox 360 gets Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition bundle

Microsoft is going all out for Final Fantasy XIII’s US release this March with the announcement of The Final Fantasy XIII Special Edition, a Xbox 360 bundle for the US release of the upcoming

Hasselblad 40 MP “entry-level” camera

It’s a numbers game when it comes to dSLRs and their respective pixel counts right? But what about Hasselbald’s new H4D-40 with 40 MegaPixels? O_O Read that part yet? 40

Official Final Fantasy XIII International version trailer

The International version for Final Fantasy XIII is set for release on March 09, 2010, several months after the original japanese release. The official trailer below shows the reason for the delay.

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