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Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes, Hacks, strategies, Unlimited Sun

Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes
So you’ve decided to play some plants vs zombies but found the game either too challenging, too boring or too straightforward. So without any more introductions, here’s a quick guide to Plants vs Zombies Cheat Codes, Hacks, strategies, Unlimited Suns.

In game codes

Type these codes while playing the game . Some codes require your Tree of Wisdom to be of certain height before they work.

  • pinata: When a zombie dies, you’ll see a shower of candies!
  • future: The zombies will have futuristic shades.
  • tohot: You will get infinite sun.
  • trickedout: Alternate lawn mower appearance.
  • daisies: When zombies die, they will leave small daisies behind.
  • mustache: All zombies now have mustaches!
  • dance: The zombies will dance.

Infinite Sun, Money, Instant build

So lets say you’re tired of these zombies running amok and want to break the game by having unlimited/infinite suns to build plants, unlimited money and instant build options. Go use a trainer!
Just download the file below, run the game, alt+tab out of the game, run the trainer and press the buttons for the cheats you want to activate! Simple right?

Download: Plants vs Zombies Trainer.
Here’s a video of the game hacked with infinite suns. Do note that the video uses Cheat Engine to enable the hack (we won’t be using that here) but the result is nonetheless the same. 🙂

Pole Vaulters

These lanky zombies have been quite a thorn on the player’s side ever since their first appearance in the game and they will no doubt give you a hard time unless you’re prepared for them. Here’s several strategies for you to be able to counter the dreaded Pole Vaulters of Plants vs Zombies.

  • Wallnut + Chomper – This is the most effective and also the most expensive counter to the Pole Vaulters of Plants vs Zombies. Basically, the strategy is to pop wallnut + chomper combo on any lane that has an incoming pole vaulter and let the chomper do it’s work. Not very expensive you say? Well part of the strategy is that if you have multiple pole vaulters, you have to plant, dig, replant (rinse, repeat) the same number of Chompers. Early in the game you probably won’t encounter that much pole vaulters but it’s a strategy that costs you valuable suns :(. Still, it is quite effective.
  • Wallnut + Potato Mine – If you’re just starting out, using a wallnut and a potato mine combo is also an effective means of shoring up your defenses against pole vaulters. You have to take note of the potato mine’s activation time though but since it’s dirt cheap, you can start lining up your front lines with the Wallnut + Potato Mine combo early in the game. The obvious con is that you’ll be relying on your other plants to kill the Pole Vaulter until a potato mine that explodes gets replaced and activated.
  • Tallnut – The passive counter is to buy the tallnut card from Crazy Dave. A tallnut is basically a tall wallnut that’s high enough to prevent pole vaulters from jumping over.

If you want to add a strategy, cheat or anything to the guide, please feel free to tell us in the comments below 😉

Sicheats – for the trainer

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