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Polaroid makes an instant camera comeback with PIC-1000!

I’ll admit, when Polaroid announced the decision that they’ll stop producing films for their Instant film cameras (AKA Polaroids), I felt sad because the sheer legacy of the company and it’s cameras to the

Enjoying my Nikon D90

Phew! Things have been really hectic for me since the New Year began and one of the few joys during the interim that I found throughout my currently busy busy busy schedule (aside

Dead or Alive heads to the PSP.. in bikini

A Dead or Alive game is headed straight for the PSP. It’s coming out in english (that’s a rarity no? We usually get to see the Japanese version out first) and in

Currently Playing: Project Diva – Hatsune Miku

I’m not an avid fan of the Vocaloid meme but I must admit that Project Diva has had my undivided attention for quite some time now (approximately two months and counting). It’s cute, it’s challenging

PSP Games to look forward to in 2010

It’s the new year and we have a new set of PSP Games to look forward to. Looking back on last year’s post, we only missed three games that didn’t have a 2009

PSP Plugin: Hold+ 4.0

I guess I’m getting rusty with keeping up to date with the latest PSP stuff as the latest update on Hold+ plugin appeared right under my nose. The latest version for the plugin

Currently Playing: Dragon Age Origins

I know, I’m late. Dragon Age Origins was released by Bioware in the 4th quarter of last year and it’s been hailed (depending on who you listen to :D) as the current epitome

PSP Plugins you can’t live without?

The PSP’s Homebrew scene is one of the best modding communities out there which is why there’s quite a lot of quality plugins that’ll turn your PSP to something much more than a portable

What’s new in Monster Hunter Tri?

Apparently a LOT. As a Monster Hunter player since it’s first incarnation on the Ps2 and it’s iterations on the PSP, I can say I’m really excited for Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii.  Aside

Happy New Year from Atma Xplorer

It’s quite a late greeting as the new year has already pass throughout the globe but I’ve got one good reason to post this late. I went out to watch the first sunrise

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