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PSP Plugins you can’t live without?

The PSP’s Homebrew scene is one of the best modding communities out there which is why there’s quite a lot of quality plugins that’ll turn your PSP to something much more than a portable gaming device. Of course that’s not to mention the games that the homebrew community are releasing that only requires that you have custom firwmare installed to run. We’ll discuss them in a later post but for now let’s stick to just PSP plugins :D. Note done and share the PSP plugins that you can’t live without.

  1. Popsloader – Not all PSX games works with just custom firmware which is why you need the Popsloader plugin to load and run PSX games.  Final Fantasy VII anyone?
  2. Hold+ plugin – If you’re using your PSP as an MP3 player, battery life is definitely and issue and Hold+ will help you trim down your PSP’s battery usage.  It’s quite a must for people on the go.
  3. Screenshot plugin – Instead of pulling out your phone or camera to take shots of your PSP, this little plugin will allow you to take screenshot right on your PSP.  Perfect for sharing that gamebreaking moment! 😀
  4. Fatmsmod – Although I’m not using the official DA release (since it’s just for 5.00 M33), the FatMSmod is simply a must due to the increased speed in memory stick access.  Just a warning though, flash at your own risk.

So what’s yours?

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  1. alik.5 MadridistAli January 6, 2010 Reply

    Nice Post Atma 😀 actually am using only Popsloader from your list,but here’s mine:
    1.CXMB Plug-in
    2.UltimateVSHmenu Plug-in
    3.PSPStates Plug-in

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