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Ragnarok Online 2 finally ready for Open Beta

Gravity sure took their time rebuilding the follow-up to their wildly successful MMORPG, Ragnarok Online. Back in 2007, the Korean MMO house released an open beta build of RO2 to the Korean market.  The universally

New PlayStation Vita bundle includes memory card

Things are prepping up quite nicely for people who opted to wait for the international release of the PlayStation Vita as Sony has a new hardware bundle for the patient. Available via Amazon the PlayStation

Nintendo reveals Nintendo Network

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has unveiled the first few details about the Nintendo Network, an upcoming online service that will compliment the Wii U in the same manner as Xbox Live and PSN. Iwata’s statement

Steam Mobile App now in Beta for Android, iOS

While there are a few 3rd Party-apps that allow you to interact with Steam in one way or another (for both Android and iOS), nothing really beats an official app (unless you’re talking about

Wii U set for 2012 Holiday release

During an earnings conference in Japan, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that the company’s new console, the Wii U, is set to hit the market during the holidays for EU, US, Japan and Australia. Looks

Official Metal Gear 3DS accessory pack headed for EU

While the very limited edition Snakeskin 3DS remains a Japan-only offering, the Metal Gear 3DS accessory pack has been confirmed to be headed for Europe on the 24th of February. The Official Metal Gear 3DS

SNK Neo Geo Pocket resurfaces

According to Famicom Plaza, It seems that SNK is looking into reviving it’s Neo Geo Pocket with an upcoming portable device that carries official licensing from SNK Playmore. The portable console currently goes by the

Skyrim 1.4 Beta Patch now available

Still experiencing Skyrim issues with the 1.3 Patch?  Bethesda is giving you the option of testing out the beta version of the upcoming 1.4 Patch by simply opting in. To opt-in and download the Skyrim 1.4

Snakeskin Metal Gear Solid Nintendo 3DS

Previously teased by Hideo Kojima, Konami has officially unveiled the limited edition Metal Gear Solid themed Snakeskin Nintendo 3DS. Now, as with most limited edition hardware, this is a Japan-only affair. The sad part is

SOL: Exodus set to revive space combat sims

Looks like one company is finally stepping up to fill the void left by the classics like Descent, FreeSpace and Freelancer — just a few titles from the seemingly defunct space combat sim genre. SOL:

Resident Evil 6 announced for 2012

The next installment in the survival horror Resident Evil franchise has been announced by Capcom. Resident Evil 6 is set ten years after the initial outbreak in Raccoon City. The confirmed character roster includes

Sony finds 3DS sales encouraging

While the Vita has had less than stellar sales after launching, Sony maintains a positive outlook thanks to the sales of it’s competitor, the Nintendo 3DS. SCEE president and CEO Jim Ryan says that “One of

[Head to Head] PlayStation Vita vs Nintendo 3DS

The next generation of portable consoles is finally here  and we’re going to pit them against each other so you can decide for yourself which system you’ll be investing in or at least upgrading

Monster Hunter 3G hits 1 Million sales

Released just under a month ago, Monster Hunter 3G has just surpassed the 1 million sales milestone. According to the numbers posted by Andriasang from Media Create, Monster Hunter 3G has sold a total of 1,083,853

Sony affirms that a PlayStation 4 is too soon

The internet is currently abuzz with rumors that the PlayStation 4 is coming to E3, way ahead of the PlayStation 3’s expected 10 year life-span. Sony Computer Entertainment and it’s parent company Sony Corporation have flatly

Razer unveils Project Fiona Tablet Gaming PC

The Blade gaming laptop is the current spearhead of PC gaming on the go (except that the laptop still hasn’t shipped thus far) and with Project Fiona, Razer is hoping to bring a new

Final Fantasy XIII-2 demo now available on PS3 & Xbox 360

Good news for Square Enix fans, a playable demo for Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now available on the PS Store for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox Live for the Xbox 360. The demo takes place

PSP Module Checker 3.0

If you need to identify your PSP’s model (specifically what motherboard type is your PSP-3000) then you’ll need to install PSP Ident or this, the PSP Module Checker.  One of the advantages of PSP

Nintendo has a Mini Horror Movie for 3DS Fatal Frame

The next Fatal Frame game is set to launch on the 3DS and Nintendo has put it’s marketing in full throttle for Spirit Camera: The Possessed Notebook. ????? ?????? ??????????is currently available on

PlayStation Vita Third Week Japanese sales drop to 42,000

It looks like the hype from the PlayStation Vita‘s launch has dimmed down while the Nintendo 3DS continues to reign on top.  Either Sony’s marketing team is still on vacation or the launch of

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