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Monster Hunter 3G hits 1 Million sales

Released just under a month ago, Monster Hunter 3G has just surpassed the 1 million sales milestone.

According to the numbers posted by Andriasang from Media Create, Monster Hunter 3G has sold a total of 1,083,853 units as of January 8 making it the very first third party game for the Nintendo 3DS to hit this milestone.  The first and second title to reach this was Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, proving that Mario is still living big inside the hearts and minds of gamers :).

Capcom’s success with Monster Hunter on the 3DS is a warm welcome considering the plethora of PSP fans who felt jilted after hearing that the next PSP game after Monster Hunter Portable 3rd won’t be on their system of choice.  There is however, the question of an international release.  Both Portable 3rd and 3G have not year been confirmed by Capcom to be headed to US shores.  No doubt that the system who will get their english version first will likely be dubbed as Capcom’s current favorite and will drive well-earned sales towards that console.

source Andriasang

Which game do you think will get it’s english version first? Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PlayStation Portable or Monster Hunter 3G for the Nintendo 3DS?

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  1. zetagear Pervertron September 15, 2012 Reply

    that sales is slow since 3ds has a lower userbase back then

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