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CD-R King rips off the Wii… sorta

First it was the China only Vii and now, local CD, DVD, computer peripheral and gadget retailer CDR King also has a Wii Clone, called TV Sports Game (item number D-29) under it’s rapidly

Ozine Fest 2009

What: Ozine Fest 2009 When: April 3-5 2009 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) Where: Megatrade Hall 2 Since Hataw Hanep Hero was mostly a flop (take a good look at the multiply journals of regular cosplayers to

Download DoTA Allstars Official 6.58 map (with changelog)

Download DoTA Allstars Official 6.58 map (with changelog)

Official Dota Allstars 6.58 Released : January 9, 2009 Filesize : 3.21 MB There’s been a massive overhaul in DoTA 6.58, so be sure to read the changelog. Download links and Changelog after the

PSP-3000 finally gets hacked

It was inevitable but I’m a bit surprised that it wasn’t Dark Alex to have come out with a solution to the no homebrew on the PSP Brite. Yes, it is NOW possible to install

Will the iPhone unseat PSP and DS? Not likely

There’s a lot of buzz on the Mac side of computing as a several game developers start signing up for the Mac camp.  Sure it’s exciting since big names like Sega are setting up

Dissidia goes Limited Edition

Wow.  Squaresoft isn’t skimpking on Final Fantasy fans who are looking forward to their next biggest release on the PSP, Final Fantasy Dissidia.  Dissidia is set to be released as a Limited Edition PSP

Resident Evil Degeneration [Movie]

It’s been awhile since I talked about movies, not since I’ve been tongue tied after seeing Dark Knight.  Yes I was supposed to make a review of the movie but for some reason couldn’t.  

Download DoTA Allstars Official 6.57 map (with changelog)

Oh yeah a new map!  6.57 is out.  Here’s the details Official Dota Allstars 6.57 Released : November 11, 2008 Filesize : 3.24 MB Download links and Changelog after the

Final Fantasy 7 remake… snowboarding?

Yes square soft is releasing a Final Fantasy VII remake but it’s not what you think.  Priced at ¥315 (US$3) Final Fantasy VII: Snowboarding is, well you guessed it, a remake of the

Komikon 2008: 4th Philippine Komiks Convention

What: Komikon 2008: 4th Philippine Komiks Convention When: November 22, 2008 (Saturday) Where: UP Bahay ng Alumni Ah Komikon, not many people realize that there’s still quite a lot of people who love comics (and or manga..

Sony to offer Short Films on PSP and PS3

Freebies galore as SCEE unveils a little project that it’s working on called Shoot! Shoot! is basically a project that involves six short films that will be offered as free downloads on both the PS3

Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (H3)

What: Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (AKA H4 or Hataw Hanep Hero 2008 When: November 21-22, 2008 (Friday and Saturday, YEP FRIDAY) Where: Silver City Mall.  Where the hell is that?  Look

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