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CD-R King rips off the Wii… sorta

First it was the China only Vii and now, local CD, DVD, computer peripheral and gadget retailer CDR King also has a Wii Clone, called TV Sports Game (item number D-29) under it’s rapidly expanding line up.

Yep. Make no mistake about it.  TV Sports Game is a Wii clone that’s not a Wii clone.  Confused yet?  Well, the CD-R King branded gadget may look like a Wii but it carries it’s own twenty games (built-in).  Most of the games sports related with a few arcade games slew in.  Just like the infamous popstation or gamebox (and even the PSP-looking game and watch), it hopes to ride on the original product’s popularity to gain traction.

I wonder how many calls their support get wondering how to get their CD-R King bought accessories to work with this one (heh).  If you’re interested, the game is listed via CD-R King’s official website.

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  1. ivankirk12 kirk December 1, 2008 Reply

    salamat sa information… i’ll check cdr’s webpage for more info regarding this product.

  2. webmaster filipino entrepreneur December 8, 2008 Reply

    Thanks for the info.

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