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Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (H3)

What: Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition (AKA H4 or Hataw Hanep Hero 2008
When: November 21-22, 2008 (Friday and Saturday, YEP FRIDAY)
Where: Silver City Mall.  Where the hell is that?  Look at the sitemap below

Update: I just saw an announcement from Hero TV.  It seems that the schedule for Hero 4 is 6 pm on November 21 and 10 pm on November 22…. WTH!?!?!??!

Update 2: Confirmed schedule is as follows:

November 21: 6pm
November 22: 10am

Update 3: Activities have been added

HERO TV, of Creative Programs, Inc., a subsidiary of ABS-CBN, is a cable channel that features the craziest, funniest and the latest cartoons, youth-oriented programs, and anime shows. It was launched on October 1, 2005 in Metro Manila and is one of the highest-rating
cable channels in the country.

On November 21 and 22, Hero TV will be having Hataw Hanep Hero – The Amped Edition, the biggest and the grandest and the most anticipated youth fair in the country. Now on its fourth year, H3 partners with ABS CBN Interactive’s gaming team, AMPED – the group behind Warrock, Tantra, Getamped, Cronus and Ngage – to give the event an exciting and dynamic youth event highlighting their myriad of interests – from music to technology, sports, arts and fashion.

The first Hataw Hanep Hero was held at the Philippine Trade Training Center with a crowd of 15,000-strong. Last year, we took over the the SMX Convention Centre, where 20,000 anime and cartoon fans gathered in their finest costumes and fiercest game faces. Hero, together with Amped, is set to make this year’s event become the ultimate anime and youth entertainment fair in the country.

Hero 2006 and 2007 was quite memorable although more so than the last for a number of reasons. I wonder what’s in stored for the cosplayers this time around. I’ve been hearing several rumors and talks within the cosplay community about this years event not the mention the controversies (or so they say) surrounding past events.

As you can see, there’s very little information released to the public so far. Time seems to have changed things with the much awaited event.  Guess we’ll just have to go and find out for ourselves.

How to get to Silver City Mall:

From North Bound lane of edsa turn right to intersection where Edsa Shrine is (beside Rob Galleria). That road will pass thru Meralco , Medical City , Home Depot , vicinity of Valle Verde and last, there’s this village looking entrance with fountain & a big round monument thingy… turn right to that road (you’re now entering tiendesitas). this comes BEFORE the intersection with the overpass…
Then just go straight you’ll see SM Hypermarket on the left & on the right side is Silver City (it’s just the building across SM) it looks like a smaller version of SMX… ^-^

another route will be if you’re coming from Q, UP diliman, Mirriam College & Ateneo (along katipunan ave), Blue Ridge village, Eastwood City, then go straight and you’ll end up seeing the intersection with overpass & then Tiendesitas then next to it ung SM Hepermarket. Don’t turn left din, you might get lost and end up in Marikina

For those who want a printable map, here’s something cooked up by Ichiraku for you.

Hero Con 4 sitemap

Hero Con 4 Site Map

H3 Activities

The Ultimate CosPlayers

Categories of the cosplay event are as follows:

o League of Heroes Division (13 years old and up)

  • On site registration only
  • Onsite registration is until 12:00 nn only
  • Up to 150 contestants only
  • Contestants are not entitled for a free entrance
  • Contestants should bring photos of their characters
  • Participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.

o Ohayoo Heroes Division (12 years old and below)

  • Pre-registration and onsite registration
  • Onsite registration is until 12nn only
  • Up to 100 contestants only
  • Contestants are not entitled for a free entrance
  • Contestants should bring photos of their characters
  • Participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.

Criteria for League of Heroes and Ohayoo Divisions:

  • Costume – 30%
  • ‘In Character’ Act – 30%
  • Over-all Impact – 40%

o Group Cosplay (minimum of 6 and maximum of 15)

  • Minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 participants
  • On site registration only
  • Contestants should bring photos of their characters
  • Registration is until 12nn only

Criteria for Groups Cosplay:

  • Costume – 25%
  • Theme – 25%
  • Choreography – 20%
  • Over-all Impact – 30%

participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.

On the spot Draw a Hero Contest

  • inviting the viewers (18 yrs. old and below) to join this special drawing contest
  • draw an original anime character that best describes a ‘hero’
  • artworks should be in 8”x11” bond paper using any medium (paint, pencil, etc.). they should bring their own materials.
  • registration is on November 22 at Mangaholix booth
  • winner to receive cash prize.

Streetdance Competition

  • Open to all high school and college dance groups (5-8)
  • Registration is from is until November 17
  • Send in your 2 min audition video at [email protected] or send it in Hero TV office
  • performance should not exceed 5 minutes
  • Hero Stinger (used in SID) should be included as part of their music

Criteria as follows:

  • Synchronicity – 25%
  • Formation/Stunts – 25%
  • Creativity – 25%
  • Over-all Impact – 25%

Dub It Out!: Hero TV’s Dubbing Competition

  • open to all individuals
  • Pre registration form is available online at
  • Pre-Screening is on Nov. 10-19 starting at 10 am CREATIVEVOICES Productions Studios in Makati City
  • Finalists will compete on stage on Nov. at H3

Criteria as follows:

  • Voice Quality – 25%
  • Timeliness and Accuracy – 25%
  • Voice Acting Ability – 25%
  • Characterization – 25%

Battle of the Bands

  • Band members (maximum of 6)
  • Registration is until November 17
  • Two songs will be performed. One original and one anime song. (tagalong with the theme of “new hero of the millennium”)
  • To join, send in videos at [email protected] or in Hero TV office
  • November 22 is the competition date
  • Performance should not exceed 4 min per song

Criteria as follows

  • Band performance – 30%
  • Originality (adding own – 30% rendition to the anime song)
  • Over-all Impact – 40%

Yugioh Competiton

  • Open to all individuals
  • Registration is on Yugioh Booth on November 22 10:00am
  • Participant should bring the following (decklist, ID, gamemat, calculator, pencil and paper)

Schedule at Next Page

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  1. bianxyuson biankita November 4, 2008 Reply

    that’s behind tiendesitas and sm hypermart along C-5. considering that it looks like preparations and announcements are kinda last minute, i would much rather go to the komikon.

  2. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 4, 2008 Reply

    yeah.. I’m having second thoughts about the event too. That reminds me, I need to make a blog post about Komikon

  3. tagailog101 Jonathan November 5, 2008 Reply

    Wow! Word of “mouth” (or should I say “forums”) lang ang PR. Walang gastos masyado. Sana nga may official word galing Creative Programs or HERO TV. Pero kung may plugs na sa anime channel, it must be confirmed. Sayang at kasabay ng KOMIKON (may exhibitor table kami doon). Mahahati ang convention goers. Yun nga lang, ang die hard anime fans sa H3, comics fans sa KOMIKON.

  4. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 5, 2008 Reply

    Personally I’m more inclined to go to Komikon now down H4. No word if Team Kyoudou will still handle the cosplay proper and everybody knows they’re the people to call with regards to said activities.

  5. ilovebudincake yue November 6, 2008 Reply

    Majority of fans may get lost since the venue isn’t really familiar and a first for those who haven’t been around eastwood. Really, they should have announced the event/venue last October.

    Anyone interested should scout the route earlier to avoid falling victim to “lost woods” effect.

  6. maia.legson maiapot November 8, 2008 Reply

    Oh noes.

    Komikon is on the 22nd, right? I think I’ll go to the Hero Con on the 21st and then the KOMIKON the next day. We have a booth there and we were supposed to pass our own piece but no thanks to college life, our work has been left in the dust.

    These things are good, anyway :D. Can’t wait! And I say I’ll save up to just taxi my way to there hehe

  7. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 8, 2008 Reply

    couple that with the announcement of the schedule.. I think H4’s gonna flop this year

    be sure to read the update on the schedule

  8. bedsidelight Mariz November 8, 2008 Reply

    Is it official already if you can reserve your tickets via Ticketnet?

  9. Ashieka_Shizera yumi November 8, 2008 Reply

    haiz.. last minute ei.. I thought it would be on december but they moved it to nov21-22. There aren’t much information about the convention. NO cosplay registrations.. no contests.. They are lacking of information T.T..

  10. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 8, 2008 Reply

    yep.. did you notice the time of the event?

    yep.. they’ve been relying on word of mouth

    what’s worse is that if you look at ticketnet AND the tv ad for Hero 4, the schedule is 6pm for Nov 21 and 10pm for Nov 22. Cosplay at night?

  11. cipher_zero3 allen November 9, 2008 Reply

    just saw registration mechanics on a commercial earlier for individual and group cosplay.. registration will be on the 22nd at 6pm. cant give full details since it just flashed quickly.

  12. gate_of_dreams somerandomguy November 9, 2008 Reply

    A lot of us are planning to boycott this event. For the following reasons:

    1. Tiendesitas / Silvercity is not a common place for an event. More so, the location is tough to travel at unless you have a car. FX and jeeps are tad rare at night.

    2. The date of events are awkward. Friday 6pm? After work? The working people are already tired, and the children are gonna rest from a busy school day. The saturday is forgivable, but still…

    3. Last minute scheduling, lack of event information. (Teasers in TV ads from Hero channel only, word of mouth, forums, etc)

    4. ABS-CBN decided to directly manage the event, instead of Hero TV’s own team. To be frank, ABS has no prior experience regarding this type of event.

    5. Follow up to number 4, would you attend an anime event organized by a channel that declares “Kung-Fu Kids” a LIVE ACTION ANIME? (a previous kiddie/fantasy/soap in their primetime block, after the news)

  13. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 9, 2008 Reply

    From the start, I’m afraid to say that there’s quite a lot of poor planning on Hero’s part with this year’s event. A lot of the recent conventions were really great, AniCon (although I enjoyed it mostly because PinoyPSP was there) OtakonEK and Toycon were big successes so having Hero con crumbling before the actual event is really sad. I do hope ABS gets their act straight for the sake of the event goers.

    Thanks for the bit of info.

  14. aicirtapsy Patsy November 9, 2008 Reply

    naku, dadami ang mga mag ttaxi nito. haahah

    dapat early mg release ng info.. ilang araw nalang..


    nakaklungkot isipin na ABSCBN ay magaling naman sa marketing pero bakit palpak sa Hero Con.

  15. bianxyuson biankita November 10, 2008 Reply

    komikon > hataw hanep hero…

    i’d rather go to an event made with love by fans than a corporate machine. no doubt because of the last minute-ness of this event, ABS-CBN will hire the best logistics team they could find who wouldn’t know jack about the subculture.

    @Jonathan: i think you have it wrong. hataw hanep hero will be for newbie fans and kids. more seasoned con goers would be bound to opt for the komikon or not go at all.

  16. tempura_rox Lag Una November 10, 2008 Reply

    Bakit ba Friday? May klase pa yung mga estudyante!

  17. riku_009 SkinMaster November 10, 2008 Reply

    phew nakakaligaw ung area… Umm to the one who posted this, sir/mam kindly change the Amped Games Lineup (Warrock, Tantra, Amped, Cronus and Ngage) pakichange ung Amped to GetAmped, thanks po… 3d character editing/Fighting Game cya 🙂

    kung gusto nyo try cosplayers pede ko po kaung turuan sa Event about Customizing Skins XD See you there po!

  18. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 10, 2008 Reply

    sure thing.

  19. riku_009 Skinmaster November 11, 2008 Reply


    Baliktad po ^^ ung nsa loob ng () ung ichechange, di po ung Company

    “….H3 partners with ABS CBN Interactive’s gaming team, AMPED – the group behind Warrock, Tantra, Getamped, Cronus and Ngage-…”

    e2 po ung ibig kong sabihin ^^

    anyways thanks po mejo makulit ako haha XD see you @ the event!

  20. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 11, 2008 Reply

    ah lol thanks for the correction.

    hmm komikon ako eh. Need to get the Culture Crash staff sigs and pics

  21. chichikom chichi November 11, 2008 Reply

    Thanks for the info but seems theres some corrections

    H3 partners with ABS CBN Interactive’s gaming team, AMPED – the group behind Warrock, Tantra, GetAmped, Cronus and N-Age

    thank you!

  22. emeralde_18 jyuu nichi November 11, 2008 Reply

    what a sched…
    are there any info’s bout their contests like cosplay and karaoke sing off?

  23. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 11, 2008 Reply

    @jyuu nichi:
    nope… aside from the schedule of the event there’s little very information about the events

  24. jusarong joavskie November 11, 2008 Reply

    10pm? anung prediction nyo dyan sa attendance?

  25. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 12, 2008 Reply

    check again, it’s edited

  26. pangetsimasterdiwa Edwin November 12, 2008 Reply

    what are the PRIZES for the said contests?

  27. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 12, 2008 Reply

    no info as of yet.

  28. aicirtapsy Patsy November 12, 2008 Reply

    can i copy the details of the event for my blog post?

  29. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 12, 2008 Reply

    sure, just link me up ne? ^_^

  30. souloverdrive souloverdrive November 12, 2008 Reply

    Huh? Bat parang lahat ng activites kelangan sa November 22? Edi useless na yung November 21. Tignan niyo, “Participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.” Yan yung sa Indiv. cosplay, pero most of them on the said date as well.
    WHAT THE HECK!!@#!

  31. tagailog101 Jonathan November 12, 2008 Reply

    Good! More info about the event. I hope they release the rules for cosplay soon. My nephew wants to participate. It’s jus sad I can’t be there. I’ll be at KOMIKON.

  32. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 12, 2008 Reply

    my thoughts exactly

    kitakits na lang po sa KOMIKON

  33. bluekarlo bluekarlo November 13, 2008 Reply

    I wonder what day is the cosplay for both individual and group!

    Thanks for the map! Haha

  34. teamabyss Team Abyss November 13, 2008 Reply

    The Individual&Group Cosplay will be on November 22…

  35. tagailog101 Jonathan November 14, 2008 Reply

    Just received an email from Hero TV regarding Ohayoo Division pre-registration (because of my nephew). There is no pre-registration for that division. On-site only, Nov. 22, 10 am.

  36. withasmile023 jeff briones November 14, 2008 Reply

    may ticket po ba????

    un lng thankzz^^

  37. luigi_montoro juji14 November 15, 2008 Reply

    is there someone here who knows how and where can i buy tickets for h4?
    are there tickets available on the date of the event?

  38. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 15, 2008 Reply

    tickets are available onsite at the event and via ticketnet at SM supermalls

  39. withasmile023 jeff briones November 16, 2008 Reply

    mag kano po ba ung ticket?…..

    un lng poh…..


  40. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 16, 2008 Reply

    @jeff briones:
    100 per day po

  41. Saigunochi009 Saigunochi!_009 November 16, 2008 Reply


    bargain b yung mga binebentang goods dun? reply nman po pls…tnx.. 😀

  42. withasmile023 jeff briones November 17, 2008 Reply

    thanks sylv3rblade……

    kita kitz nlng tau…….

    anong date kau punta??……

  43. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 17, 2008 Reply

    @jeff briones:
    Komikon ako punta eh ^_^

  44. amyck_30 YUKO November 17, 2008 Reply

    tanung k lng po kung ano oras start ng cosplay.. exactong 10 am p b?

  45. souloverdrive souloverdrive November 17, 2008 Reply

    Oh yeah, I have a comment to add..

  46. Saigunochi009 Saigunochi!_009 November 17, 2008 Reply

    hehe, easy lang.. aq din eh.. me reklamo 2ngkol sa h3.. nyehehehe..

  47. Saigunochi009 Saigunochi!_009 November 17, 2008 Reply

    oiiii.. puro bargain b yung mga benta ng mga goods dun?? mkasali nga sa art contest… nyhehehe..

  48. Saigunochi009 Saigunochi!_009 November 17, 2008 Reply

    waaaahhh!! cnu pu2nta sa htaw hanep na taga taytay okea angono miski binangonan!!?? kelangan q ng kasabay umuweee.. huhu,, san ba yung pinaka malapit n terminal ng jeep? okea miski fx?? onegaiii.. nkakatakut umuwi noooo… gabe p man din yun.. sniff* waaahhh.. :((

  49. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 17, 2008 Reply

    even the cosplay community is outraged at what happened to Hero Con (di na kasi Hero TV ang may hawak dun sa event). Just enjoy the con if you’re planning to go or you can always join me at Komikon XD

  50. koregaorenounmeida ayame November 17, 2008 Reply

    sarap mag protesta sa sched ng H3 -.-
    bkt po nag failed ung nag send kmi ng video sa battle of the band???

  51. madoka_4455 jmc November 18, 2008 Reply

    can i ask where are the tickets being selled???

  52. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 18, 2008 Reply

    ticket net

  53. brian_angelo_sim_young kenjikun November 18, 2008 Reply

    pki post yung site ng yugioh philippines

  54. tenma_04_tsukamoto tenma tsukamoto November 18, 2008 Reply

    kelan po ba talga schedule ng h3 sbi nila 22 6pm and 23 10am?

  55. riku_009 SkinMaster November 18, 2008 Reply

    hahaha i admit nakakabadtrip nga, kasi may pasok ako ng friday, alanganin pa ung lugar T_T

    pero naniniwala akong, everything has a reason, so ill just go with it. sana nga lang tama ung reasons nila.

  56. ephemeral.escargot ephemeral-escargot November 18, 2008 Reply

    Uhm, I have a question:
    ung sa on the spot draw a hero contest po, ung artwork po ba nagawa na at dadalhin nlng or dun po mismo gagawin??
    salamat in advance! ^-^

  57. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 18, 2008 Reply

    @tenma tsukamoto:
    Friday starts at 6pm
    Saturday starts at 10 am

    Nakalagay naman po sa Update ~_~

    on the spot nga po…. so sa even nyo gagawin

  58. zetagear zetagear November 18, 2008 Reply

    ephemeral-escargot: ROFL

  59. aalimento angelyn November 18, 2008 Reply

    yaaahhhhhh~~~~~ thank for the info…..

  60. jt021590 Jaytee November 18, 2008 Reply

    pano kaya malaman kung pasok na kame sa contestants sa battle of the bands? kc nagsend n kme ng demo vid..thx

  61. aicirtapsy Patsy November 19, 2008 Reply
  62. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 19, 2008 Reply

    thanks for the link back ^__^

  63. katryoma_17 katryoma_17 November 19, 2008 Reply

    where can we buy tickets?

  64. raine_axel101 Yami no Tenshi November 20, 2008 Reply

    you can buy tickets in any Mall or Super Malls that offers tickets from ticketnet… i got mine at SM, just go to their customer service section and ask if they still got some… hindi ko lang alam kung natanggap pa din ang ticket net ng reservation kasi bukas na ung event… so, its much better to ask in malls… kung wala, if i remember right, my friend told me na sa ticket world daw xa bumili…

  65. tenma_04_tsukamoto tenma tsukamoto November 20, 2008 Reply

    gomen nasai, sabi ng friend ko 22-23 nakita daw ksi nya sa abs cbn…

  66. rick_death001 Ampedplayer November 21, 2008 Reply

    o Group Cosplay (minimum of 6 and maximum of 15)

    Minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 participants
    On site registration only
    Contestants should bring photos of their characters
    Registration is until 12nn only
    Criteria for Groups Cosplay:

    Costume – 25%
    Theme – 25%
    Choreography – 20%
    Over-all Impact – 30%
    participants should be at the start of the event which is on November 22 for registration.

    As i recall the time limit of each event is 5mins anymore than that will be considered disqualified
    but how come everytime i watch and reviewed past group cosplay winner their skits exceed 5mins
    And i heard in one of the video of matrixshino{H3 uploader} that extend more than 5mins= disqualified
    But the lady in the stage said “Mga group cosplay wag poh kayo lalampas sa 5mins time limit” amazingly the winners are the one who were suppose to be disqualified….” <<<<< over 10mins <<<<< after the cosplay above [lady requesting for player to not go above 5mins] will this year be anymore different than last year???
    If you review all of the past event the win should have gone to the group who followed the rules.
    By the way I already know that there is some interview time and going up the stage time even if you minus all of that they still exceed the 5mins deadline

    further more i need more detail that is not metioned above

    and what are the prizes??

  67. chynnasantos Ninjah Keewi November 21, 2008 Reply

    Can you buy tickets in Silver City? Or you have to buy them in a mall? D:

  68. girl.fromhell enmaai November 23, 2008 Reply

    sana nxt time sa mas malaking plce..
    ok nmn xa bt sobrng sikip..en bt no foods allow??!! pero sa loob my foods..hehehe… bsta see u nxtyr.. sasali na tlga ako sa cosplay….o;0

  69. riku_009 SkinMaster November 26, 2008 Reply

    Business techniques yun!

    kita mo yung juice 20 pesos anliit liit ng cup?

    dpat tlga nagdala ako ng Jug : )

  70. atmaxplorer sylv3rblade November 26, 2008 Reply

    that’s a given with high profile events.. mahal ung food and drink ~_~

  71. girl.fromhell enmaai July 11, 2009 Reply

    my h5 09 nb? wen??update lng po tnx

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